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Chapter 1739: More And More Friendly

Mommy… Baobao missed you so much… [1]

Mommy… you are finally back… I knew you would definitely come back…

Although she didn’t know why the child was upset, she still tried her best to make her happy until she stopped crying.

She brought Ying Bao over to the table and sat her down and then went to take some paper towels to wipe her face.

Ying Bao stared at her and said, “Auntie Xiaoxi, can you sit down and eat with us?”

Jing Xi didn’t know how she should answer so she glanced at the king. Huo Yunshen pointed at where she had sat yesterday. “This will be your seat from now on. Sit!”

“Auntie Xiaoxi, sit!” Little Grape shouted.

“Mommy, quickly sit down!” Little Apple pulled on his mother’s hand and said.

She originally thought she only sat with the members of the royal family during meals before by chance. However, she never would’ve thought the king would appoint a seat specifically for her right now.

Jing Xi was startled by the favor she was shown and the children all put breakfast on her plate.

“Mommy, eat!”

“Auntie Xiaoxi, you should eat!”

Jing Xi looked at the children’s enthusiasm and she felt an emotion that was hard to describe with words. Being with the children would always give her a feeling that she was back at her own home.

She suddenly felt that the initially oppressive and cold palace had now become more and more friendly.

After breakfast, the king said goodbye to the children as he had work to do.

Jing Xi sent the children to school first before going to report in at Kaidi.

She had lessons, physical training, and also recording sessions. The busy day ended and Jing Xi wanted to leave early so that she could go fetch the children after school.

President Huo Sanyan was very understanding of her situation so she made a new adjustment to her schedule. “If you have to send and fetch the children in the future, you don’t need to come so early and you can also leave early in the afternoon.”

“Thank you. Thank you, President Huo.”

“Oh, and also, don’t forget to attend tomorrow’s dance.”

“Understood, President Huo.”

The company provided her with a nanny van. However, the royal family car was waiting outside. She got in the royal family car and set out for the royal academy to wait for children’s classes to end.

The royal academy was different from normal schools as there weren’t many parents and illegally parked cars outside the school gate.

When they arrived, many of the students had already been picked up. Jing Xi waited at the entrance for a while before seeing Ying Bao come out while pulling her two little brothers.

When the three children saw her, they all ran towards her. In the end, they all threw themselves into her embrace, holding onto her.

Each of them kept calling mommy, mommy, Auntie Xiaoxi nonstop.

“Okay, okay. Princes and princess, it is time to go home.”

Jing Xi headed back to the

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