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Chapter 1747: Wanted A Yard After Getting An Inch

Jing Xi was full of guilt when she heard the king’s bones were fractured. She quickly took the initiative to come over to help him.

Huo Yunshen took the opportunity to put his right hand on her shoulder and left while holding onto her.

At this time, Jing Xi was just like a naive little sheep. She didn’t even know she was being brought away by the big bad wolf, Huo Yunshen.

Once they arrived at the palace, Huo Yunshen’s light ‘fracture’ had escalated to ‘severe injury.’ Jing Xi helped him back to his room and asked him to lie down to rest.

“I’m used to bathing before I sleep.” Huo Yunshen was not willing to lie down while wearing those clothes.

“In that case, wait for a while. I will go call someone to help you bathe.”

“No! You are my personal assistant. You are responsible for helping me bathe.”

Huo Yunshen took his undeserved gain for granted and wanted a yard after getting an inch.

Jing Xi never agreed to become his personal assistant. However, he was injured because of her so she would naturally need to take responsibility until the end. She said, sounding like she wanted to negotiate, “Your majesty, why don’t you wait for a while for me to go change my clothes then I will come back again to serve you, okay?”

There was no way she could work while dressed in such a gorgeous dress!

“That’s also fine.”

After Huo Yunshen agreed, Jing Xi went back to the opposite room. She took off her clothes, carefully hung them up, and changed into clothes she usually wore. She took off the mask and put on a surgical mask before going back.

“Your majesty, I will help you go fill up the tub right now!”


After she received his permission, Jing Xi went into the bathroom to fill up the tub.

Once the bathtub was filled, Jing Xi came out to ask him to go take a bath.

They stood outside the bathroom and Jing Xi carefully took off his coat, paying close attention to his left arm so it wouldn’t be injured further.

After she took off the coat, she still needed to take off the shirt. Jing Xi unbuttoned the shirt and his muscular chest was exposed. Her entire body felt uncomfortable.

She really wanted to escape from this place but she couldn’t do anything. She could only tell herself in her heart that she needed to persist. She should just treat him as a piece of art, a mannequin.

She summoned up her courage and took off all the clothes. Right now, the only thing left on the king’s entire body was a pair of black boxer shorts.

A certain place looked to be full of power and grandeur. Jing Xi’s face had already gone completely red a long time ago. She was burning hot and feeling feverish. She pulled her eyes away and said, blushing with shame, “Your majesty, I’m done. You can go wash up now.”

Huo Yunshen stared at her shy appearance. In his heart, he wanted to laugh, but instead, he said calmly, “It seems there is still one piece l

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