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Chapter 1753: Deep Into Her Bones

Jing Xi could feel the dangerous breaths he emitted and it made her entire body tense up.

This kiss carried with it a sweet scent of bubbles on his beard and it went deep into her bones.

A scene where two people were entangled together appeared in the mirror. Jing Xi’s mind was completely blank. Her heart filled with fear and uneasiness.

She wanted to push him away but she was worried she might injure his arm. However, if she didn’t push him away, she would be forced to bear his kiss.

The passionate kiss lasted for a long time. It was so long that his breath started to get chaotic and he wanted to take it one step further.

“Jing Xi…”

He felt slightly enthralled and he called her name next to her ear.

Jing Xi knew very clearly he might’ve seen her as his dead wife again. This would not do. She could not have messy relations with his majesty the king again.

“Your majesty… don’t do this!”

She still chose to push him away in the end. She wiped the bubbles around her mouth and ran away in fear.

Huo Yunshen looked at her back through the mirror as she ran away frantically and he became so angry that he made a fist. His heart was too anxious. Why couldn’t he hold back again? Damn it!

He clearly knew he might scare her away if he did this but he still just couldn’t control how much he wanted her in his heart.

She was his Jing Xi!

He only wanted to be with her all the time.

In the dining hall, Jing Xi had already finished preparing breakfast and placed it on the table. All three of the children came over not long after.

After a while, the king also came in.

When he appeared in the dining hall, he looked dignified and wise as if the person who had acted as a hooligan just now wasn’t him.

Everyone was very much aware of where their seats were and went over. They also didn’t forget to ask Jing Xi to also sit down at the end.

Jing Xi didn’t want to stay here initially. However, since the king gave an order, she had no choice but to sit down.

Jing Xi felt extremely awkward because of what had happened in the morning. She didn’t dare to lift her head to look at him. After a while, she sneaked a peek at the king’s expression. Coincidentally, she saw he was also looking at her.

She frantically lowered her head again and continued to eat.

“Jing Xiaoxi, what happened? Why are your ears so red?” Huo Yunshen suddenly asked while they were having their meal.

He even dared to ask!

Wasn’t it all caused by him!?

He had embarrassed her so much that even her ears went red!

“It is because of the heat from cooking.” Jing Xi made up an excuse in front of the children.

Huo Yunshen looked indifferent as he asked again, “You fell asleep in my bed last night. What time did you wake up in the morning?”

Jing Xi really didn’t want to talk about this topic. However, she had no choice but to smile apologetically and reply, “It was be

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