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Chapter 1719: A State Of Extremely Bad Panic

It was only after she saw Huo Sanyan nodding at her to show she could that she gave her fans her autograph.

“We all like your songs very much!”

“We also support you restoring your appearance! Evening Star, good luck!”

Jing Xi could feel her fans’ love and she felt very moved. She enthusiastically said, “Thank you, thank you.”

“Evening Star, can I take a picture with you?”

“Evening Star, can you take off your veil?”

Not only did they want her signature, but they also wanted to take pictures as souvenirs. Jing Xi laughed and said self-deprecatingly, “I’m scared you guys might have nightmares after you go back if I take a picture with you guys.”

“That won’t happen! You are the Scar Angel! In our hearts, you are as beautiful as your music!”

The precious fans really didn’t avoid her.

Jing Xi did as they wished and took off the veil and took a group photo with them.

All the girls went to hug her after they got the signature and group photo. It was only after that they left.

Jing Xi put on the veil again and looked at Huo Sanyan. She said gratefully, “Sister Sanyan, I really have to thank you and your company. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have so many fans who like me.”

“That is because you were already able to attract people in the first place. In the future, not only will you have fans of your music, but also fans of your movies as well.”

Huo Sanyan didn’t tell her how much of a shining light Jing Xi was in the past and how much people liked her.

There were countless fans who had missed her during these past few years when she was not in the entertainment scene.

And the works she acted in and her songs had all already become timeless classics.

Jing Xi caught up to Huo Sanyan’s pace. “It’s fine as long as there are people who like my songs. I haven’t thought that far yet.”

Huo Sanyan held up Jing Xi’s hand again and said, “Xiaoxi, do you know who the one who wrote all of your songs is?”

“I don’t know. Are they written by the company?” Jing Xi asked.

Huo Sanyan shook her head and answered, “They are by Ni Yun.”


There was no one who didn’t know who Ni Yun was. Jing Xi’s eyes almost fell out from shock. “Isn’t that our majesty the king? He wrote those songs…”

Jing Xi looked as though it was a big catastrophe. She said, feeling flustered, “I’m done for! Sister Sanyan, if he learned that I sang his songs, I reckon he would kill me.”

“Why would he?”

Huo Sanyan felt that if Huo Yunshen knew the songs he’d written in the past were still being sung by his own wife, he would definitely feel very happy.

“You don’t know it, but once, when we went to the garden, I used a harmonica to play his song. It made him very mad. It’s already fortunate he didn’t kick me into a river. He already warned me that I am not allowed to hum his songs.”

Jing Xi was in a state of extremely bad panic right now. What shoul

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