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Jing Xi blanked out for a few seconds before she realized what was happening. She quickly jumped away from Huo Yunshen and stood still like a maid.

“I… I’m here… to… to… to ask why am I living there…”

Jing Xi asked this as she pointed at the room opposite with her reddened face facing the floor. She was too embarrassed to look at Huo Yunshen’s well-built body.

“You will be my full-time assistant from now on.” Huo Yunshen smiled as he explained. “You will have to be on standby for 24 hours a day. That’s why having you living opposite me is the best option. Do you have any problems with that?”


Jing Xi hadn’t had the slightest clue that she’d become Huo Yunshen’s personal assistant.

And she felt that she wasn’t up for the job either.

“But I’m already the prince’s nanny. Why don’t you hire someone else to do the job? What if I scare you with my ugly face? Please find someone else with a better face than mine who is more suitable for this job!”

“You’re the best for the job!” Huo Yunshen said as he forced Jing Xi back to the wall and slammed his hand on the wall. He then raised Jing Xi’s head with a finger to her chin and stared into her eyes.

“Jing… Xiaoxi, you will obey the order! I believe in your abilities, and I don’t care how you look! I want you to stay in the palace forever!”

Stunned by Huo Yunshen’s words, Jing Xi looked at Huo Yunshen like he was going crazy.

She thought that Huo Yunshen had only loved the late queen, and yet he was saying all those cheesy words to her.

“But I still have to work at Kaidi. There’s no way I have the time to do three jobs at once!” Jing Xi argued.

“I don’t see a problem there.”

The time! Jing Xi shouted in her head.

She then realized that Huo Yunshen’s eyes were turning red, and asked worriedly, “Are you feeling okay? Should I take you to the hospital?”

Jing Xi really hoped that Huo Yunshen would go to the hospital and check on his brain too.

“I’m feeling a little sick. Come and take a look at what’s wrong with me,” Huo Yunshen said.

“But I’m not a doctor.”

“You can at least check my blood pressure and body temperature, right?”

Huo Yunshen pulled his arm back before proceeding to sit down on his bed.

Jing Xi really wanted to run for the door, but her body moved on its own. She went and fetched the thermometer and sphygmomanometer.

“You’re heating up a little,” Jing Xi said after taking Huo Yunshen’s body temperature, then proceeded to test his blood pressure.

“What!” Jing Xi exclaimed when she saw the numbers on the sphygmomanometer. “Your heart is beating way to fast!”

“Then that would be your fault.”


Ever since Huo Yunshen had realized that Jin Xiaoxi was Jing Xi, he had been in an excited state whenever he was awake. His dying vitality had finally regained its former glory.

Jing Xi was his miracle.

She gave him the courage to live again.

Huo Yunshen was not eager to tell Jing Xi wh

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