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After the other two had left, Fang Xiaocheng and Ying Bao were waiting in line for the Treasure Hunt ride.

Coincidentally, Ying Bao sat next to Tang Feimo during the ride.

The two children were both excited. When the ride was about to begin, Ying Bao thought that the mask was getting in the way and asked Fang Xiaocheng, “Mummy Orange, can I take off my mask?”

“Of course you can.” Fang Xiaocheng helped her take off the mask. She was not afraid that other people might notice Ying Bao, as the ride was very dark.

Ying Bao raised her head to look at the rainbow-colored lights on top, and her beret fell off.

“Where did my hat go?” Ying Bao asked, touching her head.

The beret landed on Tang Feimo’s side, and he picked it up.

“Here, your hat,” he said as he handed Ying Bao the beret.

Ying Bao turned and noticed that a slightly older boy had helped her picked her hat up. “It’s my hat! Thank you!” she said.

“You’re wel…” Tang Feimo couldn’t finish his sentence as he recognized who the little girl was.

Hey, isn’t this Cherry Baby?

It’s her, right?

The dimples on her face when she smiles! It’s definitely her!

I watch her live stream every week, it’s her!

Ying Bao shook her legs happily as she waited for the pirate ship to set sail. Tang Feimo kept staring at her. The ride hadn’t even begun, and he’d already found his treasure.

The ship began to move along the tunnel. Ying Bao kept shouting for help as she grabbed Fang Xiaocheng’s shirt with one hand and Tang Feimo’s sleeve with the other as they went by various scary scenes.

“Don’t worry, I will protect you,” Tang Feimo said like a knight.

“Thank you.” Ying Bao suddenly remembered the knight story that Fang Xiaocheng had told her the night before. The boy beside was just like the knight from the story, saving the princess in time of need. “Are you a knight?”

Tang Feimo looked at her for two seconds and said, “I can be.”

Ying Bao felt that knights should only protect princesses and said, “But I’m not a princess…”

“You could be one too!” Tang Feimo answered. He liked watching Ying Bao’s live stream, he’d always viewed her as his own cute princess.


“Of course.”

“You’re a valiant knight, I’ll honor you with the Knight’s Medal,” Ying Bao smiled as she took out a round brooch and gave it to him. The brooch had a clover pattern on it, and she’d gotten it from winning a game earlier that day.

Even though the medal was just a little girl’s brooch, Tang Feimo felt like he was a real knight when he received it from Cherry Baby.

As the ride was about to end, the two of them had become friends. Ying Bao was smiling brightly as she felt that the boy beside her was a good person.

When the ride ended, Fang Xiaocheng helped Ying Bao put her mask back on, and both of them left. Ying Bao turned and waved goodbye to Tang Feimo as they left.

Even after the two people were long gone, Tang Feimo was still staring

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