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Lu Qiancheng opened his hand to show his slingshot. “Uncle! I’m trying to hit a bird with this.”

“Did you hit one?”

The kid scratched his head and pouted, “No…”

“Then you’ll have to practice more,” Huo Yunshen said, smiling.

“Okay!” Lu Qiancheng nodded. “Uncle, can you make me a large slingshot next time? Mine is smaller than Xiaoming’s, and he keeps making fun of me.”

“Of course, I’ll make you the biggest one in the hood.”

“Thank you!” Lu Qiancheng jumped up and down.

Huo Yunshen asked Xu Xiyan to push him into the house, and they suddenly heard some chattering on the other side of the wall.

“I’ve heard that even though it’s a birthday celebration today, they are actually trying to set up a blind date for the young master. You better do your best. If the young master takes notice of you and takes you in as his wife, our family will definitely flourish!”

“Mum, which young master are you talking about? Huo Yunshen or Huo Jingtang?”

“Are you stupid or what? Of course it’s Huo Jingtang. That Huo Yunshen is crippled, do you think you could lead a good life if you were to marry him?”

“But I heard that he will be the successor!”

“He can’t even reproduce, no one in their right mind would make him the successor. The Huo family will definitely one day belongs to Huo Jingtang.”

The chatters continued as Huo Yunshen gripped the arms on the wheelchair.

It was frustrating for him to hear such comments as soon as he got home.

And what was more was that Xu Xiyan was right beside him. What would she think of him now?

Xu Xiyan had heard everything. Huo Yunshen was like nothing to them.

They’ve crossed the line!

Huo Yunshen was used to such chattering and loosened his grip. “Let’s go, Jing Xi.”

Yet, no response came from behind him. He turned only to see Xu Xiyan walking towards the other side of the wall.

Xu Xiyan walked into the bamboo grove and climbed up a stone. She peeked over the wall to check who was talking on the other side.

They could hear the chattering just now, but couldn’t see who the voices belonged to. Xu Xiyan wanted to check out who they were.

She spotted a wealthy woman, and a young girl who were talking under a tree.

Xu Xiyan scanned their surroundings and noticed a hornet’s hive on the tree.

Now that’s something I could use!

She jumped down from the stone and ran towards Lu Qiancheng to borrow his slingshot.

“Jing Xi…” Huo Yunshen wanted to stop her.

But Xu Xiyan turned and smiled at him. “One minute, I’ll be back in a flash.”

She ran back into the grove, jumped onto the stone and aimed the slingshot at the hornet’s hive.

She’d been training at her uncle’s unit when she was in Estan. Her marksmanship was as good as any man in the troop. Even though she wasn’t holding a gun, a slingshot would do just the same.

So, it’s Mrs. Liu and Miss Liu, am I right… Heh…

She aimed, and she shot.

Schhwaff! The stone hit rig

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