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He wanted a relationship that was free; just marrying the person he loved and living together was enough for him.

Now that Xu Xiyan had come into his life, Huo Yunshen knew that he couldn’t hide the fact any further. “Almost, I guess. Girls are not as scary as they used to be.”

Qin Kun smiled and looked at Xu Xiyan. “Not bad, she’s quite cute,” he commended.


Did Professor Qin notice?

After Huo Yunshen had finished the first round of therapy, Xu Xiyan quickly rushed to his side and helped him wipe his face like a real assistant. She kept asking him if he was okay.

Qin Kun looked at both of them and smiled. It’s tough to hide when you’re in love.

It’s practically impossible not to tell when he looks at her with those gentle eyes.

Qin Kun knew that Huo Yunshen was a shy boy, and had even been that way when he was little. He wasn’t the kind of guy who would confess eagerly to the girl he loved.

It was even worse since he was unable to feel or move his legs.

After a few minutes of rest, Huo Yunshen asked Qin Kun to help him complete his second round of therapy.

Just as they were about to begin, the door opened, and a huge guy walked in and called “Yunshen!”

“It’s my brother!” Huo Yunshen raised his head and noticed it was his older cousin. He peeked at Xu Xiyan nervously as he had no idea how to explain her to his cousin.

Huo Jingtang wore a dark suit paired, and had waxed hair. He had a defined face and walked like a gentleman.

His face was serious, and his eyes were cold, like he was surrounded by mysteries.

“Brother,” Huo Yunshen greeted after Huo Jingtang had come near him. Huo Yunshen was uncomfortable, as he had no idea how to hide Xu Xiyan from Huo Jingtang.

“How’s the therapy going?” Huo Jingtang asked softly.

“I’m about to begin my second round,” Huo Yunshen answered. “Brother, why are you here?”

“Why, I’m here to accompany you, of course.” Huo Jingtang had helped Huo Yunshen complete his therapy a few times and knew what to do. He squatted down and helped Qin Kun carry out the therapy.

“Thank you.” Huo Yunshen was really grateful towards his cousin. He had been taking good care of him after the accident.

“Today is grandpa’s 80th birthday. Let’s go back together after this,” Huo Jingtang said.

“Wait, today is grandpa’s birthday?” Huo Yunshen was surprised, unable to believe that he’d forgotten something that important.

“I had a feeling that you’d forgotten about it. That’s why I’m here.”

“…” Huo Yunshen looked at Xu Xiyan. What am I supposed to do now?

I have to go back to his home.

How am I supposed to accompany her?

Just as Huo Yunshen was staring at Xu Xiyan, she returned him a warm smile.

Xu Xiyan had already made out who Huo Jingtang was. Fang Xiaocheng had told him about Huo Jingtang. He was the vice president of Yunhai Entertainment, a resolute man.

Yet Xu Xiyan had not seen what kind of person Huo Jingtang was.


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