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Huo Jingtang stood beside his mother. His grandfather had always liked Huo Yunshen more than him. Even though he was smiling on the surface, Huo Jingtang was cursing with anger in his heart.

It had been the same ever since they were children.

Whenever Huo Jingtang wanted to show his grandfather that he was the best, Huo Yunshen would always do better.

When he got a 99 on an exam, Huo Yunshen would score a 100. When he’d finally reach 100, Huo Yunshen had already skipped a grade…

Huo Yunshen had always been the prodigy, the genius in their grandfather’s eyes. No matter how hard Huo Jingtang had fought, he’d never gotten into the spotlight.

No one understood Huo Jingtang’s feelings, not even Huo Yunshen.

Huo Yunshen’s father, Huo Zhen, and mother, Chen Yunlu, were both glad that Huo Yunshen was able to come home and make his grandfather happy.

There was another thing his parents had in mind, which was to let all the young misses from other families show their talents. Maybe Huo Yunshen would fall for one of them.

His parents met eyes with Huo Xun, and the guests started to go up one by one to wish Huo Xun a happy 80th birthday.

Young misses from different families went up and showed their talents. Some made drawings and some made pottery.

Each and every one of them tried their best to show what they were capable of.

Huo Yunshen watched silently, thinking that all of this was prepared for Huo Jingtang.

Xu Xiyan also watched with Huo Yunshen. “Hey, don’t you think this is like when an emperor is trying to choose who his concubine should be?” she joked.

“My brother is one of the best in the world,” Huo Yunshen said. “Of course, he has to choose a girl that can match his talent and looks.”

Huo Jingtang was Huo Yunshen’s hero. He had been looking up to his brother ever since he was a kid.

“How ’bout you? Will they prepare such a feast for you when you have to choose your wife, too?” Xu Xiyan asked, lowering her head.

Huo Yunshen was surprised by her sudden question, and his face reddened. “No, I will only marry the girl I truly love,” Huo Yunshen said calmly as he tried to hide his flustered heart.

“Then what kind of girl do you like?” Xu Xiyan asked.

“…” Huo Yunshen was too embarrassed to answer the question and could only shout in his heart. It’s you, you idiot! The girl I like is you!

Xu Xiyan’s head was very close to Huo Yunshen. The scene where those two were whispering to each other was too eye-catching.

Most of people people looked at Xu Xiyan curiously.

Xu Xiyan unintentionally took a peek at Huo Sanyan and noticed Huo Sanyan was staring at her with passionate eyes.

Xu Xiyan couldn’t bear the stare and averted her eyes. She noticed a man wearing a red suit beside Huo Sanyan. He looked familiar to her.

Xu Xiyan asked Huo Yunshen,” Hey, Mr. Huo, don’t’ you think that guy in the red suit looks like Tang Nade?”

“…” Looks like? That’s him!

Yet, Huo Y

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