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She had advised him to let go, but he chose to wait foolishly.

Xu Xiyan sighed. There was nothing wrong with it, but for Wing, it must be very painful to be in unrequited love!

He was so infatuated and persistent with the girl.

Oh, I hope God will look after him more.

After the food was cooked, Xu Xiyan took it into the room and fed it to Huo Yunshen.

Huo Yunshen’s condition was so much better now, and his face was not as pale as before. His illness had left him a trace of morbid beauty that added to his charm and mysteriousness, and he looked like a man of beauty from a more ancient and romantic era.

Xu Xiyan could not help but feel mesmerized by his beauty.

Just looking at him and thinking about him, her heart couldn’t stop thumping in her chest.

Thinking of his recovered masculine glory made Xu Xiyan’s cheeks feel hot. When he had become normal in that aspect, he became a hundred times more attractive than usual!

Huo Yunshen saw Xu Xiyan looking at him dreamily and was puzzled. He touched his face and asked, “Is there something on my face?”

“Huh? Oh, it’s nothing. I’m going to wash the dishes.”

Xu Xiyan shook her head vigorously and fled with the empty bowl.

In order to take care of him, Xu Xiyan did not return to her own apartment and stayed in his apartment for the night instead.

For a long time, she had trouble sleeping, tossing and turning like a pancake on a hot pan before she managed to fall asleep.

The next day, Xu Xiyan woke at the first morning light. After washing up, she went over to Huo Yunshen’s room and knocked on the door.

There was no response. She gently pushed the door open and glanced around the room.

He’s not in his room?

He already woke up?

Xu Xiyan left his room and looked around his apartment, but there was still no sign of him. She was about to call him on his phone, but she heard some sounds coming from the backyard.

Xu Xiyan followed the sound. Through the glass door, she saw a vibrant mini garden outside.

The handsome man was sitting in the garden, iridescent flowers blooming and flourishing around him, but none matching his magnificent beauty.

Huo Yunshen seemed to be in good health and spirits. He was digging in the soil with a long shovel.

“Mr. Huo, what are you doing?” Xu Xiyan said as she approached him. She was worried that he had not fully recovered yet. He shouldn’t be doing such strenuous work!

Huo Yunshen stopped what he was doing and looked up, smiling at her. “I’m turning over the soil.”

“What do you need to turn the soil for?”

Xu Xiyan couldn’t imagine that a noble and crippled man would get his hands dirty doing such manual work.

“I plan to plant some flowers. This spot has been empty for some time, so why not fill it up with something?” The advantage of living on the first floor was that the house came with a backyard, so you could grow some flowers and vegetables.

“Don’t tell me, you planted t

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