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“Well, she’s my…” Xu Xiyan paused.

“…my best friend’s sister’s child,” she continued. Then she smiled and asked him, “Do you want to see Cherry Baby in person? I could introduce you to her.”

“Really?” Huo Yunshen said, very surprised. He really wanted to see Cherry Baby in person.

“Yes, I’m serious. Next time we meet, I can introduce you.”

“All right,” Huo Yunshen replied happily.

Xu Xiyan had decided. She should let Huo Yunshen interact with Ying Bao more often.

The cheerful little child could accompany Huo Yunshen and make his life more interesting, and maybe it would be beneficial to his health too.

Xu Xiyan and Huo Yunshen continued to work together and planted the chamomile seeds until they’d covered the last plot of tilled earth.

When they were done planting the flowers, the morning sun had risen higher into the sky, shining its warm rays onto them. Xu Xiyan and Huo Yunshen sat together in front of the flower garden, basking in the sun.

Since Xu Xiyan had nothing to do, she helped Huo Yunshen massage his legs. Huo Yunshen was somewhat flattered. “There’s no need to. You should rest!”

Xu Xiyan did not listen to him and continued massaging him. “It’s okay, I’m not tired. It will improve your blood circulation.”

After allowing Xu Xiyan massage his legs for a while, Huo Yunshen said, “You seem very skilled. You’ve studied acupoints?”

“Yeah! Have you forgotten? My grandfather is a veteran traditional Chinese doctor and I’ve been learning the skill from him since I was a child. I know not only the acupoints but also acupuncture, you know!”

“You’re really talented,” Huo Yunshen praised her.

“It’s really nothing. The one who is really talented is my grandfather.”

Xu Xiyan thought of something, then suggested, “Actually, Mr. Huo, I would like to suggest you to try traditional Chinese medicine. Maybe it will help you in your recovery.”


As long it was suggested by Xu Xiyan, Huo Yunshen was willing to give it a try. “Do I have to make an appointment with Mr. Jing in advance?”

“What appointment? As long I’m there, there’s no need to make any appointment!”

Xu Xiyan thought about the day’s schedule, then added, “What luck. I don’t have to go to the shoot this morning. I can take you to my grandfather.”

So it was settled. After breakfast, Huo Yunshen ordered his driver to drive them to “Renjing Chinese Medicine Hall.”

Their van stopped outside of the chinese medicine hall and they got out of the van. Xu Xiyan and Yi Xiao pushed Huo Yunshen into the medicine hall.

The nurse, Xiaomei, was sitting at the front desk. Xu Xiyan said to her, “Miss Xiaomei, I’ve brought a friend to see my grandfather. Is he in?”

Xiaomei glanced behind Xu Xiyan and saw Yi Xiao. She thought Xu Xiyan had brought her boyfriend, and smiled, “Oh yes, Yanyan, the old doctor is here. Shall I go inform him?”

“Okay. We’ll go wait in the waiting lounge first.”

After Xu Xiyan and Xiao

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