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“I thought you guys are helping brother to find a suitable partner today,” said Huo Yunshen. “Why are you asking me?”

Huo Yunshen would’ve answered that it was Xu Xiyan if he thought he was the main character for the night. But he wasn’t stupid enough to give his treasure to another man.

“He’s still considering, that’s why we have to help him,” Huo Sanyan said, continuing to probe.

Huo Yunshen thought his sister was telling the truth and said, “I guess Miss Xue is not bad. Ye Xun, what do you think?”

Xu Xiyan had already witnessed how bossy Xue Yating could be, but since it wasn’t for Huo Yunshen, she thought it might be better if she didn’t insult anyone. “You’re right, she’s quite the talented lady, one of a kind.”

Huo Sanyan nodded. “I think so too! She would definitely look great with Jingtang.”

Finally! So that’s who you got your eyes on!

The young miss from the Xue family!

Mum! Dad! Your son is finally getting himself a girlfriend!

After the celebration had ended, Huo Yunshen introduced Xu Xiyan (disguised as Ye Xun) to his parents and sisters.

The Huo family welcomed Xu Xiyan warmly and passionately, and even asked her to stay for the night.

But it was impossible for her to stay as she had plans the next day. Xu Xiyan apologized for not being able to stay and was about to leave when Huo Yunshen said he would follow her back.

Huo Yunshen’s mother, Chen Yunlu, didn’t want her son to leave and said, “Just stay here son. Look at you, you’ve lost a lot of weight. Just stay here, and I’ll cook up something for you to eat every day.”

His second sister, Huo Erqi, also begged him to stay. “Come on, little brother. Stay. It’s been a long time since we last talked.”

Huo Erqi was a talented jewel designer. She had her own jewelry brand called “Blue Tiffany.” She was married to a man in Fstan and was living over there. She’d only come back for the special occasion.

“They’re right, Yunshen,” said his big sister, Huo Yujing. “What’s good about living outside? There’s no one there to take care of you.”

Huo Yijing was working in the media industry. She was married to the biggest real estate developer, Lu Mingsheng. Even though her husband was loaded with cash, she still had her own career. Their relationship was as good as ever, and they even had a son named Lu Qiancheng. She was a person who had succeeded in life.

“Just stay, little brother,” Huo Sanyan also joined in. “This is such a special occasion, even your friend has to stay.”

Huo Sanyan intended to let Ye Xun stay as well. She wanted to get the chance to know more about him.

Xu Xiyan would’ve felt bad if she were to take Huo Yunshen along with her as his family was so eager for him to stay.

“Mr. Huo, why don’t you stay?” Xu Xiyan suggested.“I have to go to my grandpa’s house tomorrow and can’t stay by your side anyway.”

“Fine, I’ll stay,” Huo Yunshen agreed to stay since Xu Xiyan had also asked him to.

Yet, hi

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