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“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked that much.”

“I’m fine,” Xu Xiyan said, smiling. Her heart was already as hard as steel, and she wouldn’t get hurt so easily.

She would make Xu Jinshan’s life miserable for thinking that her mother was an embarrassment to him.

Huo Yunshen was glad that he’d gotten to know more about her. “If your mum is Jing Ruyue, doesn’t that mean your grandfather is from the famous Chinese medicine family in Peijing, the Jing family?”

“Yup,” Xu Xiyan said, smiling. “My grandfather is a great Chinese doctor, his name is Jing Huaduo. People used to call him the reincarnation of the Chinese medicine god.”

“I’ve heard of him! My mum used to go to see him when she was sick. He’s really something!” Huo Yunshen shouted in excitement. He never would have thought that Xu Xiyan came from such a famous family.

Both of them talked the whole way to the front gate. Huo Yunshen asked his driver to drive her to the studio.

Xu Xiyan called Fang Xiaocheng when she arrived at the studio and asked her to pick Ying Bao up to meet up later.

After finishing the three scenes as Yao Yue, Xu Xiyan asked for an early leave and left.

She contacted Fang Xiaocheng and found the little truck parked outside. She tucked herself into the truck and was greeted by the cute little girl.

“Xi Baby…” Ying Bao widened her eyes and opened her arms.

“Ying Baby…” Xu Xiyan hugged her daughter, patted her head and kissed her cheeks.

They missed each other too much as they hadn’t seen each other for days. Xu Xiyan loosened her hug and let her daughter sit on her lap.

“Let’s go. What do you guys want for dinner?” Xu Xiyan asked. “I’m buying.”

“How about steamboat?” Fang Xiaocheng asked, turning her head.

“Steamboat!” Ying Bao clapped her hands in excitement. “Xi Baby’s steamboat is the best! It’s been so long since I’ve had steamboat, my mouth is already watering!”

“Steamboat it is! Let’s get some ingredients from the marketplace first,” Xu Xiyan decided. “Oh, ask Dazhi to join us, too.”

“Sure thing! I’ll call him right away,” Fang Xiaocheng said.

“You better focus on driving, let me do the calling,” Xu Xiyan said as she took out her phone and called Wang Dazhi.

After they’d finished their shopping, it was Xu Xiyan’s turn to drive as they headed towards Shengshi Yujing.

As they got closer and closer to where billionaires lived, Fang Xiaocheng asked curiously, “Yanyan, where are you living at?”

“We’re almost there.” Xu Xiyan made a turn, and they drove through Shengshi Yujing’s gate.

“Don’t tell me you’re living here!” Fang Xiaocheng’s jaw dropped as she looked at the huge gate.

“It’s here all right.” Xu Xiyan smiled and stopped in front of the security booth.

The security stopped them as he saw the old truck driving through and shouted, “Trucks are not permitted in this area!”

Xu Xiyan rolled down the window and flashed a key card on her hand. “Even if I live here?”

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