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Xu Xiyan did not want to lose her chance to touch “Artemis.” She thought of something and suddenly walked to Huo Xun’s side and said, “Mr. Huo, Miss. Xue’s playing was wonderful, the melody still rings in my head.”

Xue Yating heard that the silver-haired man had praised her and her heart began to flutter.

She was very confident in the violin skills, as she could be considered as the best in all of Peijing.

“Mr. Huo,” Xu Xiyan continued. “Yunshen has also prepared a song for you to celebrate your birthday today.”

“…” Xu Xiyan, what are you planning?

Are you trying to sell me out?

I’ve already promised my brother that I would never play the piano in front of grandpa, ever.

Huo Xun was surprised to hear that and exclaimed, “Oh? Is that so? Yunshen, it really has been a long time since I’ve last heard you play the piano!”

Huo Xun couldn’t hide his excitement as his little grandson was blessed by the music god ever since he was little.

But Huo Xun never understood why Huo Yunshen would leave it all behind.

Huo Yunshen glanced at Huo Jingting anxiously and whispered to Xu Xiyan, “Jing Xi, what are you trying to do?”

Xu Xiyan smiled, tapped his shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t trouble you. Just follow my lead.”


I know you are not trying to trouble me, what I’m worried about is whether you could play an instrument or not…

A duet?

Are you sure?

Some servants carried in a white piano and set it down in the middle of the main hall. Xu Xiyan pushed Huo Yunshen to the piano, stopping him in front of the keyboard. She nodded towards him, then turned and walked towards Xue Yating.

Xue Yating’s heart was running wild as she saw the silver-haired man walking towards her.

Oh my god! He’s walking towards me! Oh my god!

Xu Xiyan stopped in front of Xue Yating and asked in a gentlemanly tone, “Miss. Xue, may I borrow your violin?”

He can play the violin?! Of course I’m willing to lend it to him!

Xue Yating blushed as she handed Xu Xiyan the violin.

Xu Xiyan thanked Xue Yating and walked towards the piano.

Xue Yating was still drowning in the smile that Xu Xiyan had. It was as cold as the moon in winter, yet surprisingly attractive.

Xu Xiyan stood across from the piano as Huo Yunshen sat opposite her. She plucked Artemis’s strings with her thumb and stared at them with passion and warmth.

Xu Xiyan’s heart was filled with various emotions as her memories began to flash in her mind.

Looking at Artemis reminded her of her mother.

Xu Xiyan rested the violin on her left shoulder and raised the bow in her right hand.

The bow touched the strings like rocks skipping on water, fast and agile as elegant music began to fill the room.

Any professional could hear that Xu Xiyan was an outstanding violinist as soon as the first note began to take form.

Huo Yunshen looked at Xu Xiyan in disbelief. He’d never thought that Xu Xiyan could play the violin

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