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The huge hornet’s nest fell from the tree onto the woman’s head.

“Ouch!” the woman cried out. “What was that?”

The nest had tumbled onto the ground by her feet. She gave it a kick, and it rolled about a meter away from her before hornets came launching from their nest in an angry swarm.

The two women were soon enveloped by a black shroud of buzzing insects, stinging at them madly.

“Aaaaaaaahhhh!” the two women shrieked like pigs being slaughtered.

Xu Xiyan hopped down and ran back to Huo Yunshen gleefully, the two women behind her continuing their desperate howling.

She returned the slingshot to Lu Qiancheng, then whispered something into Huo Yunshen’s ear. Huo Yunshen shook his head and let out a chuckle.

Well, what could he say?

She had actually avenged him by shooting the hornet’s nest!

Many guests were gathered in the vast and elegant main hall of the Huo family mansion.

Huo Xun was in good spirits as he sat in a chair in the hall, wearing a red Tang dynasty style suit with large embroidered patterns. He received many congratulations and blessings from the guests.

Huo Xun had two sons: his eldest son, Huo Zhen, and his second son, Huo Lin. They were busy greeting the guests.

Most of them were famous businessmen in Peijing and family friends. When they had received the invitation, they had figured out the hidden purpose of the party and had brought their daughters along. It was a secret matchmaking party, and a chance to marry their daughters into a rich and powerful family.

Who wouldn’t want to be related to the Huo family by marriage?

Therefore they would try their best to win this marriage for their daughters.

They all clearly knew about Huo Yunshen’s situation and he was naturally out of their consideration. They were mostly eyeing Huo Jingtang instead.

However, what they did not know about today’s matchmaking party was that it was arranged solely for Huo Yunshen, after much discussion between his parents and grandfather.

Huo Yunshen was disabled but with the prestige and status of the Huo family, it was not impossible to find a partner for him to take care of him.

While Huo Yunshen was still present, most of the ladies in the main hall had turned their attention toward Huo Jingtang, gathering around him.

Huo Jingtang wore a dark suit and he stood out in the hall like a swan in a flock of ducks. Generally speaking, every girl and her parents would want a mature gentleman like him.

Huo Jingtang was enjoying the attention being showered onto him by the women. He was used to it.

He was a man who excelled in everything he did. Since he’d started school as a child, he had always been very popular with girls.

But, what was the use?

No matter how good or talented he was, he couldn’t change his fate as the child of his father’s mistress.

Even though he was a few years older than Huo Yunshen, he still couldn’t change the fact that Huo Yunshen was

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