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Tang Yichen was like a member of the paparazzi who had discovered a juicy scoop. He immediately took out his phone to take a picture of Xu Xiyan and the other man as they intimately talked and laughed together.

From the angle where Tang Yichen had taken the photo, the man’s back was facing the camera. Only Xu Xiyan’s face was clear and visible.

After taking the photo, Tang Yichen immediately called Huo Yunshen and told him, “Hey bro, I have exclusive news! I saw your girlfriend at the amusement park.”

“Uh,” Huo Yunshen only gave an apathetic reply over the phone.

Huo Yunshen seemed disinterested. Tang Yichen could not stand his reaction, and continued to break the news to him:

“She’s with another man, I tell you, and the both of them behaved very much like a couple. Hey, have you ever checked her background before? Has she cheated on you since you two were together?”

Tang Yichen was just concerned about his old buddy. He was worried that Huo Yunshen might be betrayed.

Think about it. A beautiful girl like Jing Xi was willing to be with Huo Yunshen in his current situation. Was it really true love?

It’s not that he wanted to make up some nonsense, but really, how many girls these days were sincere?

Huo Yunshen was a cripple. If someone was willing to be with him, it had to be for his money or his status. Just think about it!

Tang Yichen continued to prattle on, but Huo Yunshen was still indifferent. “Whatever. That’s her business.”

“Huh? Your girlfriend is with… you’re not even concerned? What if she really is cheating on you? Want me to teach that dude a lesson?”

Tang Yichen was acting like an overly worried mother. He feared that his friend would not be able to withstand the shock of being cheated on, and that he would fall into despair and lose all hope, give up on life and become a monk in the mountains…

When Tang Yichen said that he wanted to teach that man a lesson, Huo Yunshen reprimanded him, his voice harsh. “Don’t you dare disturb her! Do you hear me? Damn it!”

Tang Yichen was speechless. This was obviously a serious matter, and yet his boss didn’t give a single damn about it. That’s her business?

Is he really letting her cheat on him?

Although Tang Yichen felt somewhat uneasy, he still obeyed Huo Yunshen’s words and did not go looking for trouble.

His son, Tang Feimo, wanted to go to the attractions, and he pulled his father along with him. Tang Yichen had no choice but to give up on the situation at hand and accompany his son.

Xu Xiyan did not wait long before Ying Bao and Fang Xiaocheng came out of the ride. She handed her daughter a pack of popcorn, and the four of them moved on to other attractions.

At noon, they had hamburgers and chicken wings for lunch at the KFC restaurant in the amusement park. After a hearty meal, the four continued their day at the park.

When they were about to go on the Pirate’s Treasure Hunt ride, Xu Xiyan’s phone rang. It was

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