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Xu Xiyan overheard their conversation and learned that today was the 80th birthday of Huo Yunshen’s grandfather. Huo Yunshen would have to return to the Huo family house later, and since she would have nothing to do, she could use the time to visit her daughter at her grandfather’s house.

The first set of exercises had already drained Huo Yunshen of a lot of his strength. When he did the second set, he was sweating even more.

Xu Xiyan watched Huo Yunshen support himself on the bars with his arms, sweating and trembling, every cell working hard in his body. She felt her heart tense up as she watched him, feeling worried for him.

Every small step he took, he had to spend ten times as much effort just for that single step. She could see that he was giving it his all.

Finally, the second set of exercises was done. Qin Kun recorded Huo Yunshen’s progress in the training journal.

Huo Jingtang helped Huo Yunshen wipe his sweat, then asked, “Professor Qin, how did my cousin do?”

Qin Kun stopped writing and said to him with a smile, “Mr. Huo, Yunshen has made great progress and exceeded my expectations. If he keeps up the current intensity of his training, there is a high probability that he could walk again by the end of the year. We’ll see how it goes after the year-end physical training report.”


Huo Yunshen felt very encouraged after listening to Professor Qin’s words. Could he really walk again by the end of the year?

Qin Kun encouraged him again, “God rewards those who work hard. I’m sure God is watching your efforts now.”

“That’s great, cousin. I can’t wait to see you walk again.”

There was joy in Huo Jingtang’s voice, but deep inside, his heart was clenching tight.

Huo Yunshen is going to walk again by the end of the year?

If Huo Yunshen managed to stand up again, would Huo Jingtang still have a place in the Huo family?

Huo Jingtang’s heart was crying out in panic. No, Huo Yunshen must not stand up again!

Huo Yunshen was very happy because of Professor Qin’s words. He turned to Xu Xiyan and saw her smiling at him, giving him a pair of thumbs up.

She also believed that God would always reward those who worked hard. God would never forsake him.

He had put in so much effort and he would be rewarded.

Qin Kun finished the report and asked, “Yunshen, do you still have medicine at home?”

“There is still some left.”

“Okay, I’ll give you more after you’ve finished it,” Qin Kun said, then patted Huo Yunshen’s shoulder and left.

Huo Yunshen had been taking medicine imported from abroad which could promote cell regeneration, prevent muscle atrophy and enhance overall body functioning.

With the help of the medicine and training, it was not impossible for Huo Yunshen to stand up again.

“Let’s go.” Huo Jingtang was ready to push Huo Yunshen’s wheelchair and leave, but Huo Yunshen held onto the wheel of his wheelchair, glancing at the quiet girl at the side.

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