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Xu Xiyan thanked the elder and sat down in a seat next to Huo Yunshen.

On the opposite side, Huo Jingtang looked her up and down. He realized that this silver-haired youth was the girl who he’d met at the rehabilitation center earlier. He was surprised that she would dress up as a man to visit the Huo family.

What a smart thing to do to prevent some trouble.

Lin Yuemei deliberately asked Huo Yunshen, “Were you late because you were preparing a gift for your grandfather? What have you brought? Come, show us quickly. Let everyone see what it is.”

After hearing Lin Yuemei’s words, many people were curious about Huo Yunshen’s gift to his grandfather.

“The eldest young master has given a jade bracelet worth eight million Yuan. I wonder what the second young master will give to the family elder…surely it couldn’t be anything worse than the jade bracelet.”

“Then it must cost at least tens of millions!”

“Quick, bring it out and show us!”

Everyone was waiting for Huo Yunshen to present his gift. Huo Yunshen calmly untied the satin cloth that was wrapped around the box on his lap. Everyone watched with wide and curious eyes, certain there must be something very valuable in that beautifully crafted box.

Xu Xiyan helped him hold the box in place as Huo Yunshen opened the lid. “Grandpa, today is your birthday but Yunshen did not prepare any valuable gifts. I’ve only brought a birthday cake for you.”

A birthday cake?

The second young master has only brought a birthday cake for the family elder?

Everyone was baffled at his gift.

Lin Yuemei sneered. She knew that Huo Yunshen had little idea how to please the old man. How much could a lousy cake like this possibly be worth? Did he feel no shame for bringing it out in public?

The people around them began to snicker, whispering among themselves. They were saying that Huo Yunshen was being too indifferent to the old man and did not respect him.

“Well, it looks delicious. I can’t wait to taste it later.”

Huo Xun didn’t seem bothered at all. He had always loved Huo Yunshen’s calm and non-competitive attitude towards things.

Although it was just a cake and it may not have been worth much, it was the thought that counted.

Xu Xiyan began to feel disdain toward the people who had sneered. Who stipulated that a gift’s value must be measured by money?

Huo Yunshen’s homemade cake is a more thoughtful gift than Huo Jingtang’s eight-million-yuan bracelet, okay?!

Huo Yunshen remained calm and composed—which was not helping the situation. He didn’t even try to explain his gift.

He was such an aloof man. He wouldn’t even speak a word to please his grandfather.

Xu Xiyan could not stand it anymore and decided to step in to explain, “Mr. Huo, this cake is also called the vegetarian cake, which was personally baked by Yunshen himself. He took into account that you have hyperglycemia, so he did not add any sugar into it and used xylitol ins

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