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Jing Huaduo saw the man in the wheelchair, and his smile froze on his face. Is this the guy that my granddaughter is dating?

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Jing. My name is Huo Yunshen.”

Jing Huaduo knew who Huo Yunshen was.

This man sitting in a wheelchair could only be Huo Xun’s grandson.

The Jing and Huo family had been on bad terms for a long time, especially Jing Huaduo, who disliked them the most.

The reason was that Huo Xun had stolen Jing Huaduo’s childhood friend and crush, Yun Meng, from him.

It always hurt Jing Huaduo whenever he thought of it.

He wasn’t about to let Huo Xun’s grandson take his granddaughter away, too.

“Yanyan, come out with me for a while,” Jing Huaduo said, signaling for Xu Xiyan to come to the garden.

Xu Xiyan had no idea what her grandfather wanted and followed him. She asked Huo Yunshen to wait for her inside before leaving.

“Yanyan, what’s your relationship with Huo Yunshen?” Jing Huaduo asked.

Naturally, Jing Huaduo thought Huo Yunshen was Xu Xiyan’s boyfriend and was worried about her.

“Listen to me, Yanyan. I don’t really mind what kind of boyfriend you find…as long as it’s not someone from the Huo family.”

“Why’s that?” Xu Xiyan asked. She didn’t even try to explain her relationship with Huo Yunshen, as she wondered why her grandfather hated the Huo family so much.

“Don’t probe and just listen to me. Get yourself as far away from the Huo family as possible, especially Huo Yunshen. He’s in a wheelchair and can’t even take care of himself. You’re just ruining your future.”

Huo Yunshen had heard everything that Jing Huaduo was saying.

This is some plot twist… I’m only here for the treatment, why did it turn out like this?

I would’ve never thought Jing Huaduo would hate my family so much, to the extent that he would object to me being in a relationship with Xu Xiyan…

Another weight was formed in Huo Yunshen’s heart.

“Keep your voice down, grandfather,” Xu Xiyan said, afraid that Huo Yunshen might hear their conversation.

“Why should I?” Jing Huaduo asked, raising his voice. “This is my clinic. I can say whatever I want!”

Xu Xiyan did not want to hurt Huo Yunshen any further and decided to clear up their relationship.

At least her grandfather would not make things difficult for Huo Yunshen anymore.

“This is a mistake, grandpa. We aren’t in a relationship, we’re just normal friends. I brought him here because I told him you’re good at what you do.”

“Is it true?” Jing Huaduo looked at Xu Xiyan.

“Of course it is, have I ever lie to you before?”

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