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“It’s tough for Xi Baby to be a single parent! She has to work day and night, and still take care of an immature baby like me. Sigh… when can Baby buy the best daddy in the world? With a daddy, Xi Baby wouldn’t have to work so hard anymore!”

Fang Xiaocheng and Wang Dazhi felt their hearts melting inside as they listened to the little girl’s words. Kid, could you be any more mature?

After listening to Ying Bao’s words, Xu Xiyan felt her nose begin to run.

She knew that her daughter was a sensitive and precocious child, but she did not want her to bear the burdens of an adult too early.

She embraced Ying Bao in her arms and stroked her head. “Oh my little baby, why are you so sensible? Because you’re so mature, Xi Baby is willing to work hard for you.”

Xu Xiyan hugged Ying Bao, and rubbed her head against her daughter’s. Her heart was filled with gratitude, and she thanked God for giving her such a sweet little angel.

Xu Xiyan realized that Ying Bao was just like her father, so caring and thoughtful.

Fang Xiaocheng was watching both mother and daughter having their intimate moment, and said to Wang Dazhi, “See them, Dazhi? We must also have a daughter in the future. Daughters are more intimate!”

Wang Dazhi took the opportunity and planted a kiss on Fang Xiaocheng’s cheek, “Well, if you say so, then we shall have one.”

Xu Xiyan caught them in their act. “Hey, hey, hey, could you please not act all lovey-dovey right here? Don’t you dare spoil my daughter’s mind, I tell you!”

Ying Bao was not willing to show defeat. She immediately held onto her mother and gave her a big kiss on her cheek that went “Muuaaa!”

“Xi Baby, if Auntie Orange and Uncle Dazhi were being lovey-dovey, we can be lovey-dovey too!” the little girl said, giggling.

“Right! Let’s act all lovey-dovey in front of them and make ’em cringe!” Xu Xiyan said, then cupped her daughter’s face in her hands and gave her a few more kisses on each cheek.

“Hahaha…” Fang Xiaocheng and Wang Dazhi were laughing out loud at the mother-daughter antics.

The four had a great meal together. After dinner, Wang Dazhi took up the responsibility of cleaning up while the girls watched TV and chatted.

After Wang Dazhi had finished cleaning up, he was ready to leave. Fang Xiaocheng reminded him to come pick them up tomorrow morning so they could go to the amusement park together.

Later that night, Xu Xiyan came out from the bathroom and saw Fang Xiaocheng earnestly telling a story to Ying Bao.

They had read the same book for the sixth time and Fang Xiaocheng was already starting to yawn non-stop, but Ying Bao’s eyes were still wide and open, paying full attention to the story.

Xu Xiyan reminded them, “All right, after this last story you both have to go to bed early. We’re going to the amusement park tomorrow. Don’t wake up late!”

“Okay, Xi Baby!” Ying Bao promised, and continued to pester Fang Xiaocheng. “Orange Mommy, why are you stop

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