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Huo Yunshen would always think of dirty stuff whenever he saw Xu Xiyan.

He was afraid that he would lose his composure in front of her.

“But what?” Xu Xiyan hugged her arms and asked. “Come on, I’ve already seen every inch of your body, what are you even embarrassed about?”


Shouldn’t this be my line instead of hers?

Huo Yunshen’s face reddened, and his temperature rose.

“Come on now, you’re the patient, and I’m the doctor. You should listen to the doctor, you know.” Xu Xiyan smiled warmly and helped him wipe his body with the towel.

After a few moments, Xu Xiyan let out an awkward cry and stared between Huo Yunshen’s leg. “Wait… I thought…,” Xu Xiyan stammerered. “I thought you weren’t able to do that anymore?”

Rumors are spreading out there about Huo Yunshen’s sexual dysfunction, and even the doctor confirmed it. So…what am I looking at right now?

My eyes are definitely normal…

Huo Yunshen felt like someone had found out his secret and it was very awkward. He quickly covered himself with a blanket and said, “Didn’t I tell you to stop…”

“Shouldn’t I congratulate you, Mr. Huo? Your body has recovered, it’s something to be happy about!”


Huo Yunshen thought it was awkward for them to discuss this matter, but Xu Xiyan thought otherwise. She was glad for Huo Yunshen’s recovery.

“If you mum and sisters were to learn about this, they would definitely be happy! Now you can have a wife and kids like a normal person. Others will stop making fun of you, too!”

Please don’t…

If my mum knew about this, she’d definitely come and bug me everyday…

“Jing Xi, could you please help me keep this a secret?” Huo Yunshen asked.

“Of course! I’ll keep my lips shut!” Xu Xiyan smiled. “All right, get some rest. I’ll go make you something to eat.”

“Okay,” Huo Yunshen nodded. His eyes followed her gently until she left the room.

Xu Xiyan’s appearing beside his bed had cured his fever by half. Huo Yunshen believed that Xu Xiyan was the best cure for him.

After a whole night of thinking, he finally understood something.

I love her, and she can’t do anything about it.

That’s how it is…

Huo Yunshen loved Xu Xiyan, he missed her and wanted to see her every day, but he did not expect her to have the same feelings anymore.

Even if they wouldn’t be a couple in the future, he would still treasure every minute he has with her.

It was like Huo Yunshen had made a huge decision. He picked up his phone and wrote a message.

Xu Xiyan was cooking up some congee in the kitchen. She guessed that since Huo Yunshen had just recovered, he could only digest foods that were light and simple.

Just as she was cooking, her phone vibrated. She checked her phone and noticed it was a message from Wing.

[Mr. Yim, I finally thought it through! I love her, and there’s nothing she can do about it! I definitely can’t give up on her. I don’t expect her to be with me, but just seeing her

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