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The security guard flipped the card over and saw the word “Huo” marked at the back of the card. He immediately gave a salute as if he had seen a very important person and respectfully allowed them to pass.

Xu Xiyan took the card back and drove into the community. Fang Xiaocheng was amazed at how Xu Xiyan had dealt with the guard. “Wow, Yanyan! I’ll have to stick with you more often!”

“No problem. You know I’ll always look out for you.”

Xu Xiyan parked the car in the parking space below the apartment. They left the car with Ying Bao and bags of grocery in their arms and walked towards apartment No. 102.

When the door opened, Fang Xiaocheng was shocked by what she saw. “Wooooww! You’re living in such a big house alone? This house is too beautiful! It’s exactly my dream home!”

Fang Xiaocheng changed her shoes and entered, looking around the spacious house in awe. “Yanyan, how much is the monthly rent for such a big house like this?”

“I don’t know, it was…it was my grandfather who found this house for me.”

It wouldn’t have been a good idea to say that it was Huo Yunshen who had provided the house free for her. She could only use her grandfather as an excuse.

Fang Xiaocheng knew the Jing family very well and she fully believed that the Jing family had the means to provide their granddaughter a good house to live in.

The first thing Ying Bao did was to run around the house in a big circle. “Wooooah! Baby can finally live in a big and comfortable and beautiful house with Xi Baby!” she said happily.

Fang Xiaocheng chased after Ying Bao and grabbed her. They fell onto the sofa together. “Auntie Orange also wants to live in a big beautiful house with Little Cherry! Yeah, no way I’m going home tonight! I wanna stay here with Cherry!”

Ying Bao got up and said to Fang Xiaocheng, as if she was the master of the house, “Auntie Orange, Baby invites you to stay in Baby’s house, and you will sleep with Baby and Xi Baby tonight.”

“Oh, you little cutie! You are too kind! Auntie did not spoil you for nothing.”

Fang Xiaocheng squeezed Ying Bao’s chubby cheeks happily and teased her, “Hey, if you call me Orange Mommy, I’ll tell you a story tonight!”

“Orange Mommy! Orange Mommy! Orange Mommy! Orange Mommy! Orange Mommy! Orange Mommy! Orange Mommy! Orange Mommy! Orange Mommy! Orange Mommy!”

The little girl had called her ten times in a single breath, then said, “Auntie Orange, you can’t fool me later! Baby just said it ten times, so you should tell Baby ten stories tonight! No sleeping until you’ve told them all!”

“Oh my god! Am I being tricked by a four-year-old child? Ugh…I can’t take it anymore…”

Fang Xiaocheng collapsed onto the sofa and pretended to be dead, Ying Bao shaking her vigorously.

Xu Xiyan chuckled as she watched the two fooling around on the sofa, then took the groceries into the kitchen to prepare a meal.

She was quick-handed and it didn’t take long for her to prepare the ingre

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