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Huo Yunshen pretended that he did not know the man and lied. “Really? He doesn’t look too much like him. Mr. Tang Nade has long hair and a mustache.”

That’s right, the eccentric Mr. Tang Nade was not as handsome!

At this moment, the last girl to greet the elder came forward, presenting a gift and saying a birthday blessing to the old man.

Xu Xiyan recognized her at once. It was Xue Yating.

Xu Xiyan was a little surprised. She patted Huo Yunshen’s shoulder and said, “Wow, even the country’s number one industrialist, Xue Zhengrong, has come to your grandfather’s birthday party. He also brought his daughter, Xue Yating, the now very famous violin diva!”

“Yeah,” Huo Yunshen gave an apathetic reply. He knew about Xue Yating.

A few years ago, his parents had wanted to arrange a marriage between the Huo and the Xue family. The candidate for marriage was Xue Yating, whom Huo Yunshen had not agreed to marry.

Xue Yating had come to the Huo family mansion to give a performance at the birthday party because her father had requested it of her. Usually, she would not bother participating in any social events.

Xue Yating was a proud and picky woman. In the whole of Peijing, there were almost no men who could catch her attention.

Indeed, years ago, the Huo and the Xue family had discussed a potential marriage, and her partner-to-be was Huo Yunshen.

Back then, if Huo Yunshen had not become a cripple, she would have considered it. It was a pity that he was crippled now; she was not willing to throw away her happiness for him.

As for Huo family’s eldest young master, Huo Jingtang, he was an outstanding person, but he was not her type.

However, the silver-haired man who had come with Huo Yunshen did catch her eye. He had a special look to him and he was the type she liked.

It was Xue Yating’s turn to show her talent. She was going to perform a violin solo for the Huo family elder. Her father Xue Zhengrong stepped up and handed her violin to her.

When Xu Xiyan saw the violin Xue Yating was holding, she shot up from her chair and stared at it in shock.


It was the “Artemis” violin which had belonged to Xu Xiyan’s mother!

She finally saw it again!

Huo Yunshen saw her stand up, and turned to her. “What’s wrong?”

Xu Xiyan realized that she had gotten too excited and quickly sat down, forcing herself to calm down. “It’s nothing. Let’s enjoy the show!”

Finally, I’m seeing Artemis again. What should I do?

How could I take the violin back from Xue Yating’s hands?

Xue Yating was indeed worthy of the violin goddess title. The sound of her playing was very melodious, intoxicating the audience with a moving performance.

At the end of her performance, Xue Yating bowed and thanked the audience as they burst into thunderous applause. Many people had praised her for her excellent violin playing skills and her extraordinary beauty. It was rare to find someone perfect in both aspects.

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