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Xu Xiyan performed with great skill and professionalism. If she hadn’t been practicing long-term, it would have been impossible for her to achieve such finesse.

Xue Yating watched “Ye Xun” in shock. Though he was using the same violin, he managed to express a different kind of mood in his performance. It was deep and very moving—something she couldn’t achieve, herself.

The violin sang beautifully in Xu Xiyan’s hands. Sometimes the melody was swift and vigorous with power, and sometimes it was deep and languid with grace.

By listening to the first few notes of her performance, Huo Yunshen already knew what she was playing—it was Beethoven’s Symphony No.3 in E-flat Major “Eroica,” Op.55.

It was an orchestral piece that required many musical instruments to work together, but at the moment, there was only Xu Xiyan and Huo Yunshen.

Xu Xiyan’s eyes met his, cueing him. He pressed onto the piano keys with both hands and started to play an accompaniment to her performance.

The sounds of the two musical instruments came together seamlessly in perfect harmony. Though this was the first time the two had performed together, they already had immaculate chemistry.

The great composer, Beethoven, once gave “Eroica” a sacred and revolutionary significance. Today, Xu Xiyan wanted to use this piece to tell Huo Yunshen:

Heroes are not born!

True heroes go through many hardships and tremendous efforts before they eventually become great heroes.

Huo Yunshen, you are strong, hardworking, tolerant and unrelenting to your fate; you have already become a hero.

At least in my heart, you are my hero!

Xu Xiyan’s eyes were full of worship and admiration for Huo Yunshen. When Huo Yunshen looked at her, his eyes were full of passion and emotion.

They only saw each other. The world faded around them until there were only the two of them left between heaven and earth, using music to dive into each other’s hearts, speaking soul to soul.

They were drifting away in an ocean of music. Xu Xiyan’s performance was amazing.

Huo Yunshen carried an air of sureness and confidence. He was shining brighter than he was on screen.

Everyone present was enamored by their duet, living in the music world they created.

In the crowd, Huo Jingtang watched Huo Yunshen’s talents shining like a diamond. He clenched his hands into fists behind him. He despised him even more.

Huo Yunshen had clearly promised him that he would no longer show off his talents in front of Grandpa. What’s up with that today?

He deliberately wanted to win Grandpa’s favor. How sly!

Huo Sanyan watched her brother and the silver-haired boy gazing at each other affectionately. Why did that scene look so wrong to her?

She decided that she must learn who he was. “Hey Mr. Tang, since when did my brother befriend that guy? Where did he come from?”

“I don’t know,” Tang Yichen replied.

He was curious, himself!

“Aren’t you close buddies with h

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