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“You’re right, Jing Xi is gorgeous,” Zhao Ruiqi said. “She’s not from any acting college, she didn’t even join the audition, yet she got a part in the show. I’ve got nothing to say!”

“Same here. Nowadays, you don’t need any skills as long as you can get some wealthy boss by your side.”

Xu Xiyan heard what they were gossiping about, yet she ignored them and kept reading the script.

It was other people’s mouths, and she couldn’t control them. On the other hand, she might look guilty if she were to oppose them.

“Hey, Jing Xi, is it true that you’re acquainted with Mr. Huo?” Zhao Ruiqi asked.

Xu Xiyan looked at Zhao Ruiqi emotionlessly and replied, “I don’t know him.”

“Then why did he help you out the other day?” Zhao Ruiqi didn’t buy her lie.

Anyone would’ve seen that Huo Yunshen was helping Xu Xiyan that day.

Xu Xiyan put down her script and said with a hint of disdain, “If you were acquainted with Mr. Huo, would you still play a mere servant?”

“Well, if it was me, I would definitely ask for the main actress spot,” Zhao Ruiqi said.

“Then, there’s your answer,” Xu Xiyan said, turning back to her script.

She’s right. If she really knew Huo Yunshen, she would definitely land a spot better than a servant.

Zhao Ruiqi noticed that she couldn’t get any benefits from Xu Xiyan and didn’t continue any further.

Xu Xinrou had just finished her makeup as she heard Zhao Ruiqi talking about Huo Yunshen which filled her heart with anger.

Why would Huo Yunshen fall for Xu Xiyan?

They didn’t even know each other five years ago!

What’s more frustrating is that he even went all that way to help her and embarrass me in front of everyone else. He’s not even respecting his relationship with my dad and Chu Yuhe!

It’s so frustrating!

Xu Xinrou kept cursing in her heart. She hoped that he would be crippled forever so that a relationship with Xu Xiyan could not even bear fruit.

Most of the scenes that day didn’t require Xu Xiyan to do anything besides standing still. Everything went well.

It was almost dawn when the shooting finished. Xu Xiyan called Fang Xiaocheng to make sure that she’d sent Ying Bao back to the Jing mansion.

After she finished calling Fang Xiaocheng, she couldn’t hold her urge to call Huo Yunshen to ask about his condition at the Huo mansion.

She also wanted to ask when he would return to Shengshi Yujing.

Huo Yunshen picked up her call and answered with a rough voice.

“Mr. Huo? Are you all right? What’s wrong with your voice?” Xu Xiyan asked with concern.

“I’m fine.. cough…” Huo Yunshen said.

Xu Xiyan guessed that he was sick and asked anxiously, “Are you sick? Are you still at the Huo mansion? Did you see a doctor?”

“I’m at… Shengshi Yujing…” Huo Yunshen tried to hold his cough in.

“Wait for me, I’m coming there right now,” Xu Xiyan said.

Xu Xiyan hailed a taxi and rushed back to Shengshi Yujing, not forgetting to buy some cough pills on

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