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Waiters began to serve them food, and Xu Xiyan ordered a bottle of red wine. Wan Dou helped pour the red wine and sat quietly as she listened to them, speaking occasionally.

Xiao Yuqian began to discuss their future plans and kept insisting that she was just helping a certain boss to take care of the company.

The company’s current plan was to invest in finding the best employees and form the structure a company should have.

Xu Xiyan kept nodding at all the plans Xiao Yuqian laid out and said, “Qianqian, I thought you were only good at managing celebrities, but you’re actually also good at managing a company too!”

“I have no choice but to give it all I’ve got. Since it’s a favor for someone powerful, I’ll have to do my best and help Jingyue as much as possible.”

Xiao Yuqian raised her glass, clinking hers with Xu Xiyan’s and Wan Dou’s.

“Someone powerful? Is it Tang Nade?” Xu Xiyan asked after taking a sip.

“No, not him. He’s just a temporary manager, the company doesn’t belong to him.”

“Then who’s the real boss?” Xu Xiyan asked curiously. The person behind Jingyue Entertainment must have been someone powerful, she thought, since he was Huo Yunshen’s friend and even could ask Xiao Yuqian to come out again.

“It’s not the time to tell you who it is,” Xiao Yuqian said, as she’d also signed the Non-disclosure Agreement. “You’ll meet him one day.”

“Wan Dou, have you ever met him?” Xu Xiyan asked, since technically Wan Dou should’ve met the boss at least once.

“N-n-no, not really.” Wan Dou kept shaking her head like a robot. Of course, she knew who the boss was, but she couldn’t tell Xu Xiyan because of the agreement.

In fact, Xu Xiyan was the only one who didn’t know who Jingyue Entertainment’s boss was.

Xu Xiyan did not pursue it any further and started to eat.

After a while, there was a knock on the door, and a waiter led a man wearing a hat and the surgical mask in. He wore a set of simple clothes to disguise himself, no one would have known that he was a celebrity.

Xu Xiyan realized that it was Ma Haodong and quickly greeted him. “You’re finally here, the food would’ve been gone if you’d come a minute later.”

“I’m sorry, there’s quite a huge traffic jam outside,” said Ma Haodong.

Even if he was wearing a mask that made his voice seem deeper, Xiao Yuqian instantly recognized who it was.

She raised her head in surprise and scanned the person who’d just came in. Her surprised expression was gone in just a few seconds, and she returned to her cold self and looked the other way.

“It’s all right, here, have a seat,” Xu Xiyan said as she pulled out a chair for Ma Haodong.

After Ma Haodong had sat down, he raised his head and saw the girl that had her head turned to the side. He was shocked by who it was.

“Qianqian, this is my friend, Ma Haodong,” Xu Xiyan said after the waiter had left. “This is my manager and new boss, Xiao Yuqian.”

Xiao Yuqian!

It’s really her!

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