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Just as the two of them were packing up to leave, the mobile phone in Ma Haodong’s pocket rang. Xu Xiyan hesitated, and took out the phone to see that “Miss Song” was the caller.

“Wan Dou, wait. I have a better idea.”

Seeing that it was a call from Ma Haodong’s manager, Miss Song, Xu Xiyan felt relieved. It would be the easiest arrangement for them if Miss Song came to pick up Ma Haodong, so no misunderstandings would occur.

After the call was connected, Miss Song’s anxious voice spoke on the other end.

“Haodong, where are you? Why didn’t you reply to my messages? Your temper is getting worse! You want to turn against me just because of an unimportant Jing Xi? Okay, other things aside! One more thing! Do you still want to film the night scene?”

Hearing the anger in her voice, Xu Xiyan worried that Ma Haodong would delay the work of the production team, thus she explained:

“Hi Miss Song, I’m Jing Xi. Haodong is with me now. May I trouble you to arrange for someone to pick him up? He’s drunk.”

Upon hearing Xu Xiyan’s voice, Miss Song exploded, “Jing Xi! You… again… you wait… where are you guys!?”

She might have been so furious that she could not speak properly. She asked for the address from Xu Xiyan and hung up the call, making her way to fetch Ma Haodong with an entourage.

Xu Xiyan and Wan Dou, along with Ma Haodong, waited for about half an hour before the private room’s door was kicked open with a bang. Miss Song walked in angrily with four or five men.

Seeing that they’d come, Xu Xiyan stood up. But before she said anything, Miss Song came up to her and gave her a quick slap.

It was a loud slap, and Xu Xiyan’s cheeks were hit to the side. Several clear red marks soon appeared on her white cheeks.

“Hey! How could you slap her!?”

Wan Dou saw that Miss Song had come up and slapped Xu Xiyan without any explanation, so she rushed over and pushed Miss Song away. She stood in front of Xu Xiyan, protecting her from Miss Song.

Miss Song took a few steps back before she stood firm, staring maliciously.

“Why do you think I slapped her? Jing Xi, you know that Haodong now has to shoot all day and night, how could you still let him drink? Don’t you know it’s the time when Haodong’s career would rise? And yet you’re still clinging onto him tightly. Is it not enough that there’s a scandal? Will you only rest when our Haodong is ruined?”

“Miss Song, I’ll say this one more time. Haodong and I are just good friends! I have never pestered him! He drank on his own accord, no one forced him. If you don’t want word of this to spread, you should hurry and send him back.”

Xu Xiyan had been holding back, because she really didn’t want any more complications from this matter.

Wan Dou also protected Xu Xiyan and called out to Miss Song, “Did you hear that? Our Jing Xi did not pester Xiao Ma! They are just friends!”

“Friends? You dare to say otherwise? Haven’t you pestered enough men

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