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“Sure! I’ll definitely treat you to a meal!”

Xu Xiyan and Ma Haodong had agreed to a meal together. When they both weren’t busy with work, she would treat him to a feast.

Xu Xiyan came out of “The Root of Evil” set and went to a nearby beverage store to order coffee for everyone in “The Root of Evil” crew. She used the 2,500 Yuan to purchase the drinks and ordered them under Ma Haodong’s name.

Even though Ma Haodong had generously refused the money, Xu Xiyan still didn’t want to owe him. She hoped that by using his name to buy everyone drinks, she would feel more at ease about it.

At the beverage store, Xu Xiyan had a feeling that someone was whispering about her. She turned and saw a group of four or five girls.

Xu Xiyan left the beverage store and the girls followed her. When they came to a bend, they surrounded her.

“It’s her! She’s Jing Xi!!”

“She looks even more crafty in person than in the photos!”

“I knew she was a manipulative green-tea girl!”

After listening to their discussion, Xu Xiyan tilted her head and asked, “Why are you blocking my way? Have I offended you?”

One of the girls in a red dress said angrily, “You didn’t offend us, but you’ve seduced our little Ma. You’re taking advantage of him, so you must not be a good person!”

A girl in black agreed, “That’s right! You’ve tainted our little Ma’s reputation! Be sensible and stay away from little Ma. Don’t pester him!”

Another short-haired girl added, “If you don’t listen, we will rally more fans online to crush you!”

Xu Xiyan believed that these people were Ma Haodong’s fangirls. They had seen the scandalous news on the internet and had come to stand up for their beloved idol.

Xu Xiyan held no grudges against them, and she didn’t want to create any unpleasantness. She tried to persuade them:

“You’re all fans of Ma Haodong, right? If you really love your idol, please be sensible and try to believe him. Don’t make a big fuss out of it, okay? Please listen to me and go back to school!”

Xu Xiyan was ready to leave, but one of the girls had been emotionally agitated. In the heat of the moment, she threw the coffee she was holding at Xu Xiyan, splashing her with the black liquid. “Leave little Ma alone! Or else I’ll splash you every time I see you!”


It happened so suddenly that Xu Xiyan could not avoid it, and her body was drenched with coffee from top to bottom. She had never thought that Ma Haodong’s fans could become so riled up.

Xu Xiyan froze in place, dripping with coffee. She couldn’t take her anger out on them because they were only underage teens. It wouldn’t be proper to beat them up!

The truth, which Xu Xiyan hadn’t guessed, was that these fans were not actual fans of Ma Haodong, but people whom Xu Xinrou had deliberately arranged to humiliate Xu Xiyan.

In addition to arranging fans to assault Xu Xiyan, Xu Xinrou had also arranged for the paparazzi to hide and take pictures nearby.

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