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Xu Xiyan stood outside the shed and peered through the front window. Her grandfather slept on a bed in a dark room, not moving an inch. He really must be seriously ill…

Xu Xiyan was about to go in when she realized the door was locked from the outside. “Su Gang!” she scolded. “Is grandpa locked inside here?”

“The old man’s dementia is getting worse every day,” Su Gang sighed. “Now he can’t even recognize anyone. We used to leave the door unlocked and he ran away twice. That’s why Su Lei asked me to lock the door.”

Are these people insane? This would only worsen his dementia!

“Open the door!” Xu Xiyan ordered.

An awful stench burst out from the room as soon as the door was opened. “Miss, I think it’s better if you don’t go in. The old man poops and pisses everywhere.” Su Gang covered his nose.

Xu Xiyan was already furious enough to kill someone. “Does no one come to clean his room?”

“It’s useless, it’ll get dirty again right away.” Su Gang said. Su Lei had been the one giving orders in the mansion. No one would dare oppose her.

Xu Xiyan ignored the smell and went inside. Tears started to fill her eyes as she saw the situation inside.

The tiny room was messy, feces and pee stuck on the walls, a pile of dirty clothes heaped in one corner, the ground scattered with shredded newspapers.

A few plates sat on a small table, covered with old grains of rice that had mold on them.

Xu Xiyan’s grandfather lay on an old wooden bed, his back turned towards her. There wasn’t a spot on him that was clean.

Xu Xiyan’s heart was broken by the state her grandfather was in. She couldn’t control her tears. Her heart was trembling, her hands were trembling, her whole body was trembling.

She’d never known that the Xu family would treat her grandfather like this after she’d left.

They treated him like a prisoner, locking him in the tiny little room, his food far worse than a beggar’s. Livestock had better lives than him.

And meanwhile, all those bastards lived a life of luxury.

Xu Xiyan turned and went back to find Su Lei.

Her grandmother and Su Lei were checking on the gifts that Xu Xinrou had brought back. There were ginsengs, edible bird’s nests, herbs, branded clothes…

Xu Xiyan ignored Su Gang’s warnings and stormed into the living room. Xu Xinrou saw that it was Xu Xiyan and turned to her mother. “Xu Xiyan is back.”

Her grandmother asked, “Xu Xiyan? What gifts did you bring us?”

Su Lei answered, “She only brought back a box of mung bean cake for the old man.”

Xu Xinrou smiled at Xu Xiyan’s poor gift. She only brought cake? Hillarious!

The grandmother sighed, “Such manners! Well, that’s Jing Ruyue’s daughter for you.”

Just as the three girls were insulting Xu Xiyan, she walked up and kicked the table, sending all the gifts flying.

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