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Fang Xiaocheng understood that Xu Xiyan loved her grandfather, so much so that she would definitely go back even if she didn’t want to. Yet, what worried Fang Xiaocheng was Xu Xiyan’s father, Xu Jinshan.

Xu Xiyan used to get beaten by her father and was covered in bruises all the time.

“If he dares to hit me again, I’m going to make him regret it!” Xu Xiyan said.

Xu Xiyan used to be a timid girl, even when she was being abused by the Xu family, she would endure it all in silence.

Yet Xu Xiyan was different now. She had trained her body in martial arts and could certainly make Xu Jinshan regret it if he tried to touch her.

“Hey, don’t forget about Ying Bao. If something happens to you, who’ll take care of her?” Fang Xiaocheng said, holding Xu Xiyan’s hand. “If he dares to abuse you again, go to the press. Let the society judge him and chase him out of the entertainment business.”

“That’s a good idea!”

If Xu Xiyan could prove Xu Jinshan’s abusive nature, she could control him!

What would happen then? I’m getting excited!

Three days later, Xu Xiyan bought her grandfather favorite mung bean cake from the pastry house and headed to the Xu’s mansion.

After five years, the mansion was more glamorous than it was before.

As soon as Xu Xiyan walked into the mansion, their butler, Su Gang, quickly ran further into the house and shouted, “She’s back! She’s back!”

“Who’s back? Xinrou?” Su Lei had heard that her daughter was coming back that day and called off her usual Mahjong game.

“No! It’s the other miss!”

Su Lei’s voice could be heard from inside even when Xu Xiyan was still outside the living room. “What? I only have one daughter, remember?”

Su Gang was Su Lei’s relative, and had been working for the Xu family for many years, getting many benefits from them.

Su Lei’s family relied on the Xu family for everything.

Xu Xiyan stood in the living room as Su Lei sat there. Su Lei was dressed like an upper-class lady, with jewelry all over her body. She rested her legs on the table while another maid did her nails.

What a luxurious life they have!

“Five years, and all of the chickens that lived here now think themselves phoenixes huh?” said Xu Xiyan.

Su Lei quickly turned her head and saw it was Xu Xiyan. Her expressions changed faster than lightning.

Su Lei quickly stood up and smiled. “Oh, Xu Xiyan? Su Gang, what are you doing? Hurry up and let her in.”

“Su Lei, drop your act. I’ve already heard what you said. Didn’t you say that the Xu family only has one daughter? Don’t mind me, I’m just an outsider. You can continue getting your nails done. I’m here to see grandpa.”

Su Lei hated Xu Xiyan to her bone, but she still kept up the act. “Yanyan, it was a joke. Of course you’re not an outsider…”

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