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Xu Xiyan smiled, “Oh my, Miss Zhaoyi, are you all right? Did I hit you too hard? How about you take a visit to the hospital?”

“Shut up!” Xu Xinrou shouted. “Tell me, why is Mr. Huo helping you?”

“Mr. Huo helping me? I have no idea what you are talking about,” Xu Xiyan said.

“Do you think we’re all blind? Mr. Huo was clearly here to help you!”

“What does that have to do with me? Qi Liya is in his company, isn’t it normal for him to come and visit? You just got what you deserved,” Xu Xiyan said with a smirk.

“Still playing dumb, are we? The girl caught in the scandal with Huo Yunshen is you, right?” Xu Xinrou stared coldly. The first person that Xu Xinrou had thought of when she saw the photo was Xu Xiyan.

She had known Xu Xiyan for too long not to notice her back straight away.

What worried Xu Xinrou was that Xu Xiyan might get along with Huo Yunshen. Even though he was a disabled person, he still was the king of the entire entertainment world; there wasn’t even one person who could oppose him.

“You think so, too, huh? Should I just go and tell the press that it was me in the photo? Maybe I could really be Huo Yunshen’s girlfriend. And with the help of the press, I could use him to get to Huang Guoqiang to give me the second female lead spot. Thank you for such a good idea. I’ll contact the press right away.”

It does sound like the girl in the photo was not Xu Xiyan, Xu Xinrou thought.Well, of course, it wasn’t her.

She wouldn’t even have the chance to get know Huo Yunshen. Even if I use my contact within Juxing Entertainment, it would still be hard to get a meeting with him.

Just as Xu Xiyan was about to turn and leave, Xu Xinrou stopped her and said, “Stop! Xu Xiyan! Don’t get too cocky! You? With Huo Yunshen? Dream on! Do you think that people would believe you even if you told the press? Didn’t you know that Mr. Huo really hates people who seek to use him? I’ll give you a friendly reminder since I’m your sister: don’t try and destroy your career.”

Of course, Xu Xinrou didn’t tell Xu Xiyan that because she was worried about Xu Xiyan’s future.Xu Xinrou was worried that Xu Xiyan could get more attention from the media if she were to go to press.

“Next time, call me Jing Xi,” Xu Xiyan said. “Oh, and thank you for your advice. You’re right, he’s not someone I could touch. Well, I think it’s time for me to go and remove my makeup. Maybe I’ll get some sponge cake on my way back. Bye.”

Xu Xiyan smiled and ran past Xu Xinrou.

“…” Xu Xinrou was furious and speechless.

It was an awful day for her.

Not only was she unable to punish Xu Xiyan, but her face had been slapped until it grew swollen.

Just you wait! I’m not done yet!

Wen Li watched Xu Xiyan depart with a look of disdain, and asked Xu Xinrou, “How about we go to the hospital? Your face is as big as a cake from the swelling.”

As soon as Wen Li spouted the word “cake”, Xu Xinrou got angrier. “Shut up! Don’t you ever da

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