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Fang Xiaocheng thought that Xu Xiyan was wasting her talent in showbusiness, and that her true talent was in music. She could play the violin very well, even better than her mother Jing Ruyue could.

Not only she was good in violin, but her writing skill was also off the charts, and she had majored in Chinese Literature.

Xu Xiyan used to submit her work for publication, and was even published in several magazines.

Even if she didn’t choose to play the violin or write for magazines, she still had a brilliant mind and a beautiful face.

She could gain riches even if she’d just do live streaming with Ying Bao.

She could just earn money with her beautiful face, yet she chose to fight in the hellish showbiz.

“I can’t do that. It took a lot of effort to land this role, and this is an important chance for me. If I give up now, everything I’ve done would be in vain. Do you want me to continue to work as a stunt double?”

Xu Xiyan had never thought of giving up. She was the type of person who would never bow down to evil, who would never be intimidated by Xu Xinrou.

Not even if Xu Xinrou was the devil, himself.

Fang Xiaocheng thought for a moment and realized Xu Xiyan had a point. Being an actress was still better than being a stunt double.

“Fine, as long as you like what you’re doing. Just take better care of yourself.”

“I will. Today is just an exception. Xu Xinrou found a weak spot. It won’t happen again.” Xu Xiyan told Fang Xiaocheng to relax, as she knew what she was doing.

Fang Xiaocheng suddenly remembered that Huo Yunshen had arrived and began to gossip. “Hey, that Yunhai Entertainment’s CEO, what happened? Doesn’t it looked like he was helping you?”

Xu Xiyan eyes widened and a shocked expression appeared on her face. “Really? It didn’t look like that to me. I don’t even know him, he had no reason to help me and bully another actress, right?”

Huo Yunshen was one of Juxing Entertainment’s investors, and technically he was also Xu Xinrou’s boss.

“You’re right,” Fang Xiaocheng agreed. “But he was so charming! He’s even more charming than he was on the TV.”

Xu Xiyan agreed. Huo Yunshen was the type of man who seemed perfect in every aspect.

The sexiest part of him was that his whole body was filled with knowledge and intellect.

Xu Xiyan liked this type of man, who was talented and caring, the most.

Both of the girls walked out of the studio, and Fang Xiaocheng suddenly remembered her purpose for visiting Xu Xiyan. “Oh right, I came to ask why you left without saying anything.”

“You weren’t home when I go there. So I just took the two suitcases and left,” Xu Xiyan said.

Fang Xiaocheng recalled that she’d been home with Wang Dazhi for the past few days and never left. She wondered when Xu Xiyan had gone to her house.

Fang Xiaocheng couldn’t think of anything and gave up. “So, where did you move to? I want to go and see if your neighborhood is safe.”

Just as Xu Xiy

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