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No one could understand the feelings Huo Yunshen was having now, how joyful and excited he felt inside. He was almost moved to tears.

After the car accident five years ago, the doctor ruled that Huo Yunshen was paralyzed from the waist down. When he learned that he’d become impotent, too, his entire life fell into despair.

Useless. Impotent. Crippled. Childless. The gossip and rumors were like savage beasts, threatening to crush him inside.

He would usually greet that gossip with a smile, but the truth was that he was bleeding inside.

He wanted so badly to be a normal man.

Just as Huo Yunshen was overflowing with joy at his recovery, Xu Xiyan woke up. She slowly opened her eyes and felt a sharp throbbing pain at the back of her head.

She sat up, rubbing her head. She noticed there were petals on the bed, then looked down at herself. She was almost naked.


Xu Xiyan looked around in panic. There was a man sitting in a wheelchair next to the bed. She was shocked. “You! Huo Yunshen?!”

Huo Yunshen had calmed the surging emotions in his heart. His face was now as calm as a windless sea and his eyes shimmered like water. He smiled gently, and softly he said, “Jing Xi.”

Xu Xiyan was losing her mind. She grabbed at her arms, embarrassed. “Mr. Huo, what’s going on? Why am I here? Why are you here?

Huo Yunshen rested his head on his hand lazily. There was a hint of sarcasm in his voice. “Your father is a good man. He wanted to curry favor with me so he gave you to me as a gift.”

Xu Xiyan: “…”

That bastard!!!

Back in the attic at the Xu family house, someone had knocked her unconscious. Then, when she woke up, she had found herself lying here. If Xu Jinshan wasn’t behind this deed, who else could be?

Did he really think she’d be a gift for him?

This was exactly what had happened five years ago, and now it was happening again.

You really astound me, Xu Jinshan. Don’t you know that Huo Yunshen is impotent?

Even if I was to stand in front of him naked, it would do nothing for him, okay?

Xu Xiyan understood it all now. The Xu family, acting in their own interest, would not hesitate to betray her again and again, completely ignoring her feelings.

After figuring out the ins and outs of the situation, Xu Xiyan glanced at the quiet man and felt a sudden gladness in her heart.

Fortunately, she was given to Huo Yunshen. If she was given to someone else instead, wouldn’t it be the end of her?

Xu Xiyan’s panicking heart calmed down at that thought. Didn’t she hear from Su Rui and Xu Xinrou that Huo Yunshen had fallen in love with her five years ago?

Was it really true?

Xu Xiyan decided to test him. She fell to her side on the bed and bit her lip lightly. She gazed at Huo Yunshen with innocent eyes and asked, “Mr. Huo, do I look beautiful?”

“Yeah,” Huo Yunshen replied.

Huo Yunshen was not even looking at her and had already turned his eyes someplace else. E

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