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Xu Xiyan’s tearful words appeared to have stimulated the old man’s memories. A light reappeared in his glassy and unfocused eyes.

He lifted his bony hand and gently touched her head.

Xu Xiyan felt her grandfather responding to her. She lifted her head at him, tears of joy running down her face. “Grandpa! Look at me! It’s me, Yanyan…”

“Yanyan? Yanyan…” The old man finally spoke, mumbling her nickname a few times as if trying hard to accessl his memories.

The old man let his mouth hang open for a moment as his memories began to surface. He finally remembered. “Yanyan! My granddaughter!”

“Yes!” Xu Xiyan nodded excitedly, more tears trailing down her cheeks.

The old man had recognized her, very happy that his granddaughter had returned. He lowered his head and asked, “Yanyan, how was your senior high school entrance exam? How were the results? Which high school did you get into?”

Sigh… Grandpa still believed she was a student in junior high school. He was living in the past.

Xu Xiyan could only play along. “Grandpa, Yanyan managed to get into the high school she wanted.”

“Grandpa always knew you were a promising child.”

The old man gave her a thumbs up. The news of her good exam results seemed to have reminded him of something, and he began to rummage around.

“Grandpa, what are you looking for?”

The old man found a tin foil bag under the bed. Xu Xiyan had seen him clutching it tightly when they were moving him out of the shed. He was protective of it and wouldn’t let anyone touch it. She wondered what it was.

The old man put the tin foil bag in front of her mysteriously, smiled and said, “Yanyan, your exam results were good. This is the reward that Grandpa wanted to give you! It’s your favorite red bean cake. Eat it while it’s hot. It won’t be tasty anymore when it’s cold.”

Xu Xiyan unfolded the tin foil and found a piece of red bean cake inside, but it was covered with mold. How long had the old man saved that precious piece of red bean cake for her without eating it, himself?

Xu Xiyan was so moved when she saw the moldy piece of cake that she held onto the old man’s knees and wept uncontrollably.

Grandpa…you’re too good to Yanyan…Yanyan will always remember your kindness…

Xu Xiyan then gave the old man the mung bean cake that she brought for him. The old man looked as happy as a child as he ate it.

After eating, Xu Xiyan accompanied her grandfather to the garden for some sun and exercise. When the old man was a little tired, she escorted him back to his room to rest.

When Xu Xiyan left her grandfather’s room and passed Xu Xinrou’s room, she overheard someone talking inside.

Because her name was mentioned, she stopped outside the room.

“Mom, what’s wrong with dad? Why is he being so humble towards Xu Xiyan? He wasn’t like this before. He used to treat her like a dog and would scold and hit her at his whim. Why the change of attitude towards her?” Xu Xinrou was puzz

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