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Scene 3 Take 4 began, and just as Meng Zhaoyi was about to slap Yao Yue, Huo Yunshen shouted, “Cut!”

Huang Guoqiang looked at Huo Yunshen, appearing confused. “What’s wrong, Mr. Huo?”

Huo Yunshen pointed at the script and said, “There was no slapping scene in the script, what’s happening here?”

Huang Guoqiang thought Huo Yunshen was only being strict and quickly explained that it was an improvisation thought of by Xu Xinrou.

“Since the newcomer doesn’t understand how to play the scene, why don’t we swap Yao Yue’s and Meng Zhaoyi’s characters. You know, let the experienced show the noob how it should be done.”

“…” Xu Xinrou looked at Huo Yunshen, unable to believe what she’d just heard. Why would he want to trouble her that much?

What does Huo Yunshen want me to do by swapping spots?Xu Xiyan thought to herself. What’s supposed to get taught? How to get slapped?

“…” Xu Xinrou opened her eyes wide, shocked by what he was trying to do.

Is he giving Xu Xiyan the chance to hit me back?

Huang Guoqiang agreed to Huo Yunshen’s idea wholeheartedly and asked Xu Xinrou and Xu Xiyan to swap places for the fifth take.

Xu Xiyan had already memorized the script like the back of her house. After Wei Pinting had refused to dance for Meng Zhaoyi, Meng Zhaoyi’s beautiful face turned ugly and filled with jealousy and hatred.

Meng Zhaoyi’s eyes were as sharp as needles. “Yao Yue! Slap her!” she shouted.

Yao Yue kneeled down and asked Meng Zhaoyi to forgive Wei Pinting’s rudeness. Meng Pinting had never thought that her personal maid would disobey her and grew angrier.

Xu Xiyan, in her new role, stood up and slapped Xu Xinrou as Yao Yue right away. “You worthless piece of trash! How dare you disobey me!”

Xu Xinrou almost fell over from the slap. After she’d steadied herself, a clear mark could be seen on her face.

Xu Xiyan did not show mercy. She slapped Xu Xinrou as hard as Xu Xinrou had slapped her.

Probably even harder.


That felt really good! I hope I get to do it again!

Xu Xiyan had shown how her “Meng Zhaoyi” could turn from a goddess into a demon in an instant. The way she’d played the lady was way more vicious than Xu Xinrou’s acting.

Everyone was stunned by Xu Xiyan’s spectacular performance.

In contrast, Xu Xinrou did not show any talent as an actress when she was playing the maid.

A wise man once said, “The character is what makes the actor.”

Huang Guoqiang was surprised by Xu Xiyan’s acting. He’d never thought that the actress who’d played the inconspicuous maid could take on the second female lead role.

The viciousness and aggressiveness in Xu Xiyan’s expression were scarily on point.

She definitely has the talent, Huang Guoqiang thought.

Xu Xinrou held her face after being slapped by Xu Xiyan and said, “I’m sorry! It won’t happen again!”

Just as Xu Xiyan was about to continue, Huo Yunshen shouted, “Cut!”

Everyone on the set began to sweat

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