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There was never any slapping scene in the script. Of course, there was a scene where Meng Jinxin would punish Yao Yue since she was Meng Jinxin’s personal maid, but not one of the scenes involved hitting other people.

Since there were some arguments between the two actresses, Director Huang quickly stopped the shooting. “Cut! Cut! Cut!” he shouted. “Yao Yue, you aren’t following the script!”

Just as Xu Xiyan was about to explain the situation, Xu Xinrou quickly said, “Director! I studied the script, and I think it would be better if Meng Zhaoyi slapped Yao Yue here. This can better showcase the character’s personality.”

Like hell it can! She’s clearly taking advantage of the situation to have her revenge on me! I can’t believe it!

She definitely thought of how to punish me when she was studying the script!

But it was pretty normal for actors or actresses to improvise during shooting.

As long as the improvisation didn’t change the storyline and added something to a particular scene, most directors would accept it.

Huang Guoqiang thought about it. “Very good! That was some good work. Let’s follow that. Again! Yao Yue, pay attention to your lines and expressions!”

“Director, do I really have to get slapped?”

Xu Xiyan wanted the director to stop helping the menace, Xu Xinrou.

“Yes, it was quite good,” Huang Guoqiang said. He did not want to get on Xu Xinrou’s bad side, and was willing to go with what she’d suggested. “Xinrou, just act like you’re slapping her.”

“Got it,” Xu Xinrou replied.

“All right,” called Huang Guoqiang. “Back to positions everyone. We’ll reshoot the scene. Action!”

All of the actors and actresses went back into their spots and the filming continued.

“Yao Yue, slap her!” Meng Zhaoyi ordered.

But Yao Yue ignored Meng Zhaoyi’s order and helped Wei Pinting to ask for forgiveness.

Meng Zhaoyi was angered by Yao Yue’s actions and slapped her. The slap landed right on Xu Xiyan’s face, her ears ringing from the impact.

Xu Xinrou had hit her face without mercy.

Xu Xiyan knew that Xu Xinrou would not follow the director’s order, and that she’d hit her for real.

Yet she held in her anger, as she wanted to finish shooting the scene as soon as possible.

But Xu Xinrou did not continue her line and just stood there, which made Huang Guoqiang stop the shooting again.

“Meng Zhaoyi! What are you standing there for?”

“Sorry, director, I forgot my line,” Xu Xinrou said, pretending that her mind had just gone blank.

“Fine! Again! Try to finish the scene this time!”

She forgot her line…I give up. She did not forget her line, she just wanted to hit me again.

Just as Xu Xiyan was acting, Fang Xiaocheng arrived at the studio to ask why Xu Xiyan had left without telling her. She saw all the slapping mischief that Xu Xinrou was causing.

Two slaps were not enough for Xu Xinrou.

Fang Xiaocheng quickly understood that Xu Xinrou was doing it intention

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