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Xu Xinrou’s gifts lay broken and ruined on the floor. Su Rui stood up angrily, putting on the demeanor of the stern mistress of the house.

“Xu Xiyan, what are you doing? Do you know how expensive those gifts are? Look at yourself! You haven’t brought anything home, not even a single blade of grass! Your sister is far better than you, far more thoughtful!”

Madam Xu frowned. “Why!? This girl’s temper is just as bad as before! Hasn’t she grown up at all?”

Xu Xiyan’s chest puffed up and down in anger. She ignored the old lady and spoke to Su Rui directly.

“Tell me, Su Rui! Why do you keep Grandpa in the shed in corner of the yard? Why do you abuse him like this? Can you really believe that’s a proper place for a human to live?”

“Who’s abusing him?” asked Su Rui. “The old man is already senile. He’s always confused and doesn’t recognize anyone anymore. We can’t let him move around freely. What if he wandered off and got himself lost?”

Xu Xiyan was determined to reveal Su Rui’s true nature. “Stop looking for excuses and don’t treat me as a fool! You hated grandfather because he was against you marrying into the Xu family.Now that he’s old, you, being the mistress of the Xu household, took the opportunity to retaliate against him. Su Rui, you’re really cruel!”

Su Rui hadn’t expected Xu Xiyan to expose her intentions so clearly, and her accusations had backed her into a corner. She cried out:

“Who was the one retaliating? Who was the one being cruel? Ask everyone in the Xu family! Ask them whether I’ve ever done anything bad for the Xu family! All these years I’ve been working hard, working like a dog. Do you think I’ve had it easy?”

“I don’t think you’ve been working hard! Just look at yourself, covered in gold and silver, living in this big and comfortable house. You have an army of servants at your command and yet you had the nerve to say that you were working like a dog?

“Look at Grandpa,” she continued. “Look at the environment he is living in and the kind of food he is eating. Is this treatment better than what you’d give a farm animal?”

Everyone was shaken by Xu Xiyan’s tearful accusation. She continued, more tears welling up in her eyes. “Even if you don’t like him or care about him, you can always send Grandpa to a nursing home! At least there’ll be someone to take care of him. Wouldn’t that be better than keeping him in that dirty place? Don’t you know that if you imprison an old man with Alzheimer’s disease, it will only aggravate his condition?!”

Su Rui knew that she was wrong, but she continued to protest.

“How would I know! Besides, nursing homes aren’t free! You think it’s easy for your father to make money? Our money doesn’t fall out of the sky! With our high daily expenses, you think we can send him to the nursing home?”

B*tch! How much would you spend on a nursing home in a year?

How much does Xu Jinshan earn as a director in a year?

Su Rui had controlled and kept the Xu

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