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After dinner, Xu Xiyan was going to wash the dishes, but Huo Yunshen stopped her.

“Don’t wash them. I’ll get someone to install a dishwasher tomorrow. Just leave them for now.”

He felt pity for her and he didn’t want to tire her anymore. She should go back early and rest.

“Well, okay then, I’ll go home now. Good night.”

Xu Xiyan bid him goodbye and returned to her apartment next door.

The first thing she did when she entered her house was switched on her phone. Notifications of missed calls flooded the screen. Many of them were from Xu Jinshan, and some from Ying Bao.

It seemed that Ying Bao had not been able to contact her and thus left a voice message. She asked her mother to call her back, and said that she’d be waiting for her call.

Xu Xiyan immediately called Ying Bao on her kiddie phone. It only rang once before the call was connected. Ying Bao must’ve been waiting by her phone for her mother’s call!

“Xi Baby! Xi Baby…you finally returned Baby’s call! Baby was worried to death! Is everything okay?”

Ying Bao’s childish voice came over the phone. Hearing her daughter’s voice renewed Xu Xiyan’s energy, washing away the day’s weariness.

“Hey, Baby, Xi Baby is fine. Sorry that I’ve made you wait so long for my call. Were you sleeping?”

Xu Xiyan sat down on the sofa, listening attentively to her daughter.

“Of course not! If Baby was sleeping, how could I talk to you on the phone?”

“You’re right! How was Baby’s day? Are you happy? What were you doing at great-grandpa’s house?”

Xu Xiyan lay on the sofa and pulled a thin blanket over herself, chatting comfortably with her daughter.

“I went to great-grandpa’s Chinese medicine hall in the morning. Then, in the afternoon, I helped great-grandpa dry some herbs under the sun. Baby now knows a lot of herbs, such as ginseng for revitalizing, licorice for reducing internal body heat, and angelica dahurica for lowering blood pressure. Great-grandpa taught me all that!” Ying Bao spoke excitedly. She’d gained a lot of interesting knowledge.

“Wow, our little Baby is so amazing for learning so much!”

“Yeah, when Baby grows up, Baby wants to be just like great grandpa and become an amazing traditional Chinese medicine practitioner.”

Ying Bao adored her great-grandfather. She loved following the old man around and was curious about everything he did, wanting to learn it all.


Xu Xiyan laughed, delighted by her daughter. The two continued to talk for a while, then Ying Bao remembered something important, and told Xu Xiyan before she forgot. “Oh, right! Xi Baby, granduncle just called today. He asked how was everything after returning to Zstan, and Baby told him that we’re doing great. Also, Uncle Tree-Leaf asked whether you’ve missed him, but I told him directly that you haven’t.

“Then,” she continued, “he said that you have no conscience and wanted to come back and deal with you. But Xi Baby doesn’t have to be afraid,

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