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Xu Xiyan thanked Xiao Ge and opened the box. There was a round object wrapped in white gauze in the box. It was quite hot to the touch.

She also found a note at the bottom of the box, which read: “These are freshly boiled eggs. Use them to reduce the swelling.”

There was no name or signature, but Xu Xiyan could recognize that it was Huo Yunshen’s handwriting at a glance.

His handwriting was strong and handsome, just like him.

Xu Xiyan felt her lips curving lightly and a warmth was kindled in her heart. Huo Yunshen was becoming more and more kind and considerate towards her. How could she even hope to resist falling in love with him?

She picked up the gauze-wrapped egg and applied it to her swollen cheeks. After she was done, she ate the egg.

After eating the egg, she immediately sent a text message to Huo Yunshen: [The egg is very effective and it is delicious too. Thank you.]

Just as the text message was sent, Xiao Ge came running to her again. “Jing Xi, someone is looking for you!”

Xu Xiyan turned and saw Fang Xiaocheng hurrying in with a bag of food. Surprised, she asked her, “Orange…what are you doing here?”

“I’m here to visit you!”

Fang Xiaocheng was a generous person. She had shared the pastries she had bought from the bakery with the makeup artists and the other girls who were in the cast as palace maidens.

Everyone was hungry at the time and they were very happy to see someone bringing food for them. They thanked Fang Xiaocheng.

Fang Xiaocheng took the opportunity and told them, “No, don’t thank me, please thank Jing Xi instead. She was the one who asked me to go buy the pastries for you guys. Please help yourselves, there are some more here!”

After listening to Fang Xiaocheng, everyone immediately turned and thanked Xu Xiyan.

Xu Xiyan had not expected Fang Xiaocheng to be so thoughtful. Just by doing a little favor, she was able to help her win the hearts of the crew members.

It had to be said that Fang Xiaocheng had the qualities of a PR agent. She was good at dealing with people.

Xu Xiyan pulled Fang Xiaocheng aside and sat her down on a stool, quietly saying to her, “Thank you so much, Orange.”

“Hey, I told you to stop being so modest around me. It’s really nothing.”

Fang Xiaocheng had not only bought pastries for Xu Xiyan, but she’d also brought her milk tea. “‘You done removing your makeup? Let’s go then!”


The two girls left the set and walked out of the studio grounds, walking and chatting at the same time.

“Orange, when did you come just now?” Xu Xiyan asked, sipping her milk tea,

Fang Xiaocheng smiled as she took Xu Xiyan’s arm in hers. “I was already here when they were starting to shoot the third scene. Say, how come Xu Xinrou is also in the cast?”

Xu Xiyan replied, “I didn’t expect her to be in this film. Maybe Director Huang’s works are very popular and everyone wants to be a part of his projects.”

“I saw Xu Xinrou hit yo

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