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Xu Xiyan was waiting for Huo Yunshen’s reply, but instead, Huo Yunshen handed her his jacket and said, “Wear it, it’s too cold in here.”

What am I doing! Huo Yunshen felt like punching himself in the face. The girl you like is asking whether you’d fall for her, why can’t you answer her?

Is it that hard to reply “yes?”

Huo Yunshen was drowning in regret.

It was like someone had splashed Xu Xiyan with a bucket of water, cooling down the heat in her heart.

The way he’s speaking…so he really didn’t fall for me, huh?

See, of course, Huo Yunshen would never fall for me, it’s impossible.

Yet, after a moment of silence, Xu Xiyan had finally thought it out. I guess he’s worried about his condition and it makes him feel inferior to others.

He actually likes me, or else why would he keep helping me?

If he’s evading me because of this, then I should make the approach.

Xu Xiyan rolled out of bed and stood in front of Huo Yunshen. She turned and asked, “Mr. Huo, take a good look at me. Don’t you feel anything?”

“…” Huo Yunshen’s inside became hotter, hot enough to make it hard to breathe. She has no idea how attractive she is right now. If this goes on, I might cross the line.

Xu Xiyan noticed Huo Yunshen’s face had become redder. It was something she’d never seen before.

“I never thought that Mr. Huo would have this kind of expression,” she laughed.

Huo Yunshen coughed a few times and said, “I never thought you could be this vexing…”

Xu Xiyan could not hold her laughter and lifted her skirt up a little. “Hey, why don’t I act as the queen of the kingdom of all the females?” Xu Xiyan flirted. “Oh my handsome knight, am I beautiful?”


If this goes any further, I might just pounce on her.

He wheeled himself towards the exit in a hurry and said, “I’ll give you a few minutes to change. I’ll be waiting inside the car.”

Xu Xiyan stood inside the room after Huo Yunshen had left, laughing.

So cute!

He’s a grown man, and he can still make those expressions!

She felt that she had gained a new mission, which was to keep stimulating him from time to time to see if she could help him recover.

Xu Xiyan found her clothes and bag in a corner. She changed into her original clothes and checked if everything was still in her bag. She took out her phone and called Xu Jinshan.

As soon as she heard Xu Jinshan’s voice, she shouted, “Xu Jinshan! Are you even a human? Knocking me out and giving me to Huo Yunshen as a present? Could you be any more wicked than that? Let me tell you, your career is over! You should know of Huo Yunshen’s condition, and yet you still send me to him. You’ve really insulted him! Mr. Huo is furious. You better think of how you’ll take care of your retirement.”

After she finished, she hung up the call and shut her phone down.

She wanted to scare Xu Jinshan and make him regret doing all the miserable things he’d done.

Xu Jinshan’s face was as white a

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