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Huo Sanyan was stuffed. She rubbed at her tummy and let out a hearty burp, then said half-heartedly, “Need help washing the dishes?”

“No need.”

Huo Yunshen only wanted her out of his house as soon as possible.

“Oh, I knew that my brother was always thinking of me! He didn’t want me to tire myself after a long day’s work. Well then, I’ll go take a break.”

Huo Sanyan went to the living room and lay comfortably on the sofa, picked up the remote and turned on the TV. She made herself more comfortable than she usually did at her own place.

“You’ve already ate and drank enough, shouldn’t you be going home now?” said Huo Yunshen as he steered his wheelchair towards her.

“But it’s still early. Besides, I got nothing to do at home.”

Huo Sanyan suddenly remembered about the video game equipment under the coffee table. She got up from the sofa, “Ah ha! How about we spent the night playing The Royal Alliance!”

Oh my god…I beg you, just let me go…

Huo Yunshen had almost gotten down on his knees when he heard that she wanted to spend the night playing video games.

Xu Xiyan was still hiding in the house, and he felt anxious for her.

Huo Sanyan was already in the middle of installing the video game. He had to think of something quick.

He had an idea. He snuck off to shut down the power supply.

Suddenly the whole house was dark. He heard Huo Sanyan cry out in the darkness, “What the f*ck? What happened? Why did the power go out?”

Huo Yunshen snickered to himself. He turned on the flashlight on his mobile phone and said to Huo Sanyan, “Maybe they’re doing maintenance now. Since there’s no power, I think you should just go home.”

There was nothing to do without any electricity and Huo Sanyan was finally convinced that she should leave. She slung her bag over her shoulder and said, “All right, I’m leaving now. Take care of yourself, okay?”

“I will.”

After Huo Sanyan had been gone from the house long enough, Huo Yunshen restarted the power supply and called Xu Xiyan on her phone so she could come out.

But it seems that Xu Xiyan’s mobile phone was turned off. Huo Yunshen decided to go find her himself. After searching around in the house for some time, he finally found Xu Xiyan in the corner of a closet.

The girl had fallen asleep while nestled in the corner. Huo Yunshen felt his breath caught in his throat, his heart aching terribly for her.

At the same time, he also felt very guilty. It was all his fault. He only wanted to protect her and he was afraid of losing her, but he hadn’t thought that his love for her had gotten her in a lot of trouble.

Sorry, Jing Xi…

One day, I shall announce to the world that you are the most beloved woman in my life…

Huo Yunshen decided to carry Xu Xiyan out of the closet, but she woke up when he touched her.

She looked up and saw Huo Yunshen. “Is your sister already gone?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Huo Yunshen’s eyes were gleaming at her with

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