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What a beautiful and charming girl!

No wonder Huo Yunshen was very protective of her. He was afraid that someone would find out about her.

Tang Yichen had always looked forward to seeing his boss’s future wife. He’d been so excited, he hadn’t slept the night before.

A man who had difficulties dating women and a severe disability has finally left the single life. It’s simply the ninth wonder of the world.

Tang Yichen felt happy for Huo Yunshen from the bottom of his heart. He held out his hands. “Hello, a pleasure to meet you! Are you Miss Jing Xi? I’m Tang Nade, I’m in charge of Jingyue Entertainment.”

This long-haired man is the person in charge of Jingyue Entertainment?

He really has an extraordinary sense of style!

Xu Xiyan reached out to shake the enthusiastic president’s hand, but Huo Yunshen pushed away Tang Nade’s hand and said to Xu Xiyan, “You don’t need to shake hands with him. He’s already married.”

Xu Xiyan: “…”

What is he talking about? I can’t shake hands with Mr. Tang just because he’s married? What kind of logic is that?

Tang Yichen: “…”

Why the discrimination against married people?

Who said that married men are not allowed to shake hands with single women?

Tang Yichen shot Huo Yunshen a look. Why so stingy? I’ve sacrificed my time and future to manage your new company. I only wanted to welcome your future wife and yet you don’t even let me touch her hands!

Huo Yunshen returned a dangerous look. Watch your hands, or else I’ll chop them off and feed them to the dogs!

Tang Yichen felt a chill running down his spine as Huo Yunshen glared at him sharply. He quickly retracted his hand and gestured for them to sit down and talk.

Tang Yichen proceeded to introduce the overall developmental direction of Jingyue Entertainment to Xu Xiyan, as well as the company’s future blueprint and the welfare guarantees that the company could provide to its artists.

Tang Yichen lived up to his reputation of a top lawyer. The contracts he had drafted were clear and fair. There were absolutely no imparity clauses or loopholes.

Even with her eyes closed, Xu Xiyan could’ve signed the contract with peace of mind.

Xu Xiyan went over the contract once but was in a bit of disbelief about what she read. “This looks too good to be true. I’m just a newcomer who has not yet debuted. Your company is being too generous to a newcomer like me.”

Tang Yichen explained to dispel her doubts.. “Miss Jing Xi, that’s because you were introduced by President Huo and you’re the very first artist to sign to our company, so of course we are willing to give you the best benefits. Besides, I have a good eye for people with potential and you’re more than qualified. You will definitely bring more returns to the company in the future!”

Even though Tang Yichen believed in her, Xu Xiyan was also very confident in herself. But since this was an important signing, Xu Xiyan decided to ask for Huo Yunshen

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