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It was the first time Huo Yunshen had been to a market and it was a refreshing experience for him. The people there were kind and they had even treated him and Xu Xiyan like a real couple!

Of course, he would like to come again, and often.

Xu Xiyan glanced at him and said helplessly, “Because you’re too handsome. It felt like I was taking advantage of your good looks for some extra veggies.”

In fact, Xu Xiyan didn’t want people to pity them just because Huo Yunshen was in a wheelchair. She didn’t want those sellers to give them free vegetables because they thought she and Huo Yunshen were having a hard time.

She was not there to beg for food; Huo Yunshen, even less so.

Huo Yunshen stared at her for a few seconds, then said softly, “If that’s the case, we should go to the supermarket next time.”

The supermarkets were not as chaotic as the vegetable market, and there wouldn’t be as many gossiping women.

“Well, okay,” Xu Xiyan agreed.

Back at Shengshi Yujing, Xu Xiyan cooked and prepared a table full of dishes. When she was done, Xu Xiyan called Huo Yunshen for dinner.

“Let’s open a bottle of wine and celebrate your successful signing today.”

Huo Yunshen retrieved a bottle of Romanée-Conti from the wine cabinet and uncorked it, pouring each of them a glass.

The two picked up their wine glasses and gave a toast. When they were about to take a sip, the doorbell rang.

Huo Yunshen frowned. Who was this inconsiderate person knocking at the door, ruining their pleasant moment together at dinner?

“Someone’s here? Shall I go see who it is?”

Xu Xiyan exchanged looks with Huo Yunshen, then put down her wine glass and went to the living room to open the door.

Scarcely a moment later she came back in a panic. “Oh no! Your third sister is here! I gotta hide! You go open the door!


Huo Sanyan is here?

He thought Xu Xiyan might have seen a ghost.

Before Huo Yunshen could open his mouth and say anything, Xu Xiyan was already gone.

After a brief moment, Huo Yunshen reluctantly went over and opened the door, his face as dark as a storm.

“Why are you here again, sis?”

He blocked her passage through the door, not wanting her to enter.

Huo Sanyan was carrying a bottle of yogurt drink and a bag of food in her hands.

“What do you mean ‘why am I here again?’ It’s been a long time since I visited you, okay? Brother, don’t you see? I brought so many delicious foods for you! Are you not going to let me in?

“No. Keep the food for yourself.”

Huo Yunshen tried to slam the door shut but Huo Sanyan had stretched out an arm and a leg into the opening. She looked at him sideways through the crack as she strained to keep the door open. “Broo…please…let me in, I have something very important to tell you.”


“I’ll tell you…if you let me in!”

Huo Yunshen was losing his temper. “What if I won’t?”

Huo Sanyan was adamant. She had nothing to lose. “If you don’t

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