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“Call someone to buy a new one,” Xu Jinshan said. “Oh, is Yanyan’s room ready?”

“Of course it is. She can stay in there as long as she wants,” Su Lei said with a smile.

Xu Xiyan could not stand Su Lei’s anymore. “I’m only going to ask this: how are you going to solve the issues going on with my grandfather?”

Xu Jinshan was stunned by her question. “What?”

Xu Jinshan appeared puzzled. He had no idea how his family had treated his father. Xu Xiyan told Xu Jinshan everything and asked him to decide.

Xu Jinshan could not believe his ears. “Is this really how you treat my father when I’m not home?” he asked Su Lei.

Su Lei quickly begged for his forgiveness and told him her reasons.

And Xu Jinshan believed her, just like that.

“Yanyan, don’t blame Su Lei. There was nothing she could do. You also understand your grandfather’s situation, this was for his own good.”

“Then why couldn’t you just send him to a retirement home? It’s not even that expensive.”

Xu Jinshan had his own reasons. If he’d sent his father to a retirement home, then he would’ve lost a leverage on Xu Xiyan.

“I know you love your grandfather, but in his condition, even the retirement home couldn’t help him,” Xu Jinshan said. “How about this? I’ll hire someone to specially take care of him.”

Xu Xiyan was afraid that he was planning something behind her back and said, “Fine! But he’s to live in a cleaner room right away! Find someone to clean him, and to feed him! Go and find the specialist right away!”

“Okay, okay! I’ll have someone get it done.”

Xu Jinshan quickly ordered Su Gang to move his father out of the tiny room and into a better one. Then he called an agency to look for a specialist.

“Yanyan,” Xu Jinshan said, “I’ve taken care of everything. So, just relax, go back to your room and have some rest. I’ll call for you when the food is ready.”

“I don’t need to rest, I’ll go check if they have moved grandpa to the new room yet.”

Xu Xiyan had decided to stay. Not only did she want to take care of her grandfather, but she also wanted to look for her mother’s remains, and clues about her death.

Xu Xiyan walked out of the living room. Xu Xinrou was furious. She’d remembered that her dad hated Xu Xiyan very much. He would hit Xu Xiyan for no reason, so why did he suddenly want to get on her good side?

Even Xu Xiyan was wondering what had happened to Xu Jinshan.

Why did he change his attitude towards me?

Is it because he’s afraid that I’ll tell the press about everything he’s done?

Half an hour later, Xu Xiyan finally got to meet her grandfather.

He’d been moved to a clean room, and he sat on the bed, spacing out and drawing on the walls with his fingers.

Xu Xiyan went over and took his hand, kneeling in front of him.

“Grandpa, do you still remember me?”

The old man looked at Xu Xiyan for a moment and went back to scratching the wall.

Xu Xiyan couldn’t control her tears

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