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Xu Xiyan left the scene safely under the cover of Wan Dou and the other people. In front of her, a slim woman approached and brushed by her.

Xu Xiyan could only look where she was going and did not manage to get a good look at the woman. After she’d gotten into the celebrity van, she could still hear the reporters outside calling her name and constantly repeating their vicious questions.

Xu Xiyan looked out the window. The reporters were like greedy hyenas, baring their disgusting teeth and claws, drooling at her. They were all sickening people.

But in just two minutes, the riot of reporters had calmed down. It turned out that the slim woman had stopped the chaos and taken control of the situation.

Her back was facing Xu Xiyan. Xu Xiyan could not see her face, but she had long hair that went down to her waist, and she wore a beige business suit. She had a slender back and her body had a nice shape.

“Dear friends of the media! I am Jing Xi’s manager, Xiao Yuqian. I stand here to talk to you on behalf of Jing Yue Entertainment. Jing Yue Entertainment will hold a press conference in three days to answer all your questions about Jing Xi. We will announce the time on the Jing Yue Entertainment official website and Weibo page. Thank you for your patience.”

A reporter recognized her and cried out, “You are Xiao Yuqian? Aren’t you the ace manager Xiao Yuqian?”

After the name “Xiao Yuqian” broke out, the reporters started to turn their attention to the woman. Many of them also recognized that she was the Xiao Yuqian who had disappeared for six years, one of the most highly praised and influential ace managers in her field.

Back when she was at the peak of her career, she suddenly announced her retirement and left Zstan, and there hadn’t been any more news about her ever since.

Her reason for retirement had always been a mystery.

Now, after a lapse of six years, she had re-appeared as the manager of a little-known actress. Everyone was shocked and curious.

The reporters felt that if they could not interview Jing Xi, it would also be advantageous if they could obtain news related to Xiao Yuqian. They had nothing to lose and the barrage of questions continued.

“Miss Xiao, you disappeared for six years. Why did you suddenly come back?”

“Miss Xiao, what was the reason for your retirement six years ago?”

“Miss Xiao, why are you Jing Xi’s manager now? What is your relationship with her?”

Despite the flood of questions directed towards her, Xiao Yuqian smiled lightly at them, then turned to leave, keeping them in mystery.

After Xiao Yuqian boarded the celebrity van, the uniformed bodyguards fell back. The driver drove the van away and left the film studios.

Xu Xiyan was shocked to see the fair looking woman in front of her. She had a zen-like look on her face and looked as if she had reached enlightenment.

She seemed out of place in the noisy city. What was a woman like her doing here

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