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The answer was obvious. It must have been someone in the Xu family!

Was it Xu Jinshan?

It shouldn’t have been him. He was very protective of his own face. If he had harmed her and her identity was exposed, it would be bad for his reputation.

There was one person that made sense…the person who had sent her photos to the media and wanted to taint her reputation was most likely Xu Xinrou.

That woman had been jealous of her and hated her. She would try to destroy her at all costs.

It was impressive that she was willing to go so far to smear her name.

Now, Xu Xiyan was getting even more suspicious. Had Xu Xinrou been fabricating the scandal between her and Ma Haodong too?

She must ask her personally. Why had she targeted her like that?

Thinking of this, Xu Xiyan hastened her steps. As she approached the set, a group of about twenty female students suddenly appeared.

Together they all condemned Jing Xi and scolded her for being a cheating and exploitative woman. Some of them even threw eggs and vegetables at her.

Xu Xiyan was caught off guard by the eggs. They struck her, and yolk dripped down from her hair. It felt disgusting.

Back when she was being splashed with coffee, she was fortunate that Huo Yunshen had appeared in time to fend off her attackers. But she was not so lucky today.

The students who came today were real fans of Ma Haodong. They were all very angry, and looked like they could rip Xu Xiyan apart.

A celebrity van passed by. Wen Li, who was sitting in the passenger seat, saw the commotion. She turned to the back of the vehicle and called out to Xu Xinrou, “Xinrou, look! Jing Xi is being struck by eggs. Just look at that wretched girl! Haha! This is so satisfying!”

Xu Xinrou took off her sunglasses and looked out the window. She curled her lips into a smile, pleased to see Xu Xiyan in such a sorry state.

Xu Xiyan, there’s no way you can win a fight with me!

She had only needed to order someone to stir things up within Ma Haodong’s fan group, and those dumb fangirls would fall for the bait.

It was a very suitable method to attack Xu Xiyan.

There was no need for her to get her own hands dirty to teach Xu Xiyan a lesson. Even without using a knife, she could kill her.

Meanwhile, at the president’s office at Yunhai Entertainment…

Huo Jingtang, who was dressed in a black suit, pushed the door of the president’s office open and entered directly, dropping an entertainment newspaper onto Huo Yunshen’s desk.

“What’s the meaning of this?”

Huo Yunshen stopped writing and lifted his head to look at his cousin. His slender eyes looked at him, puzzled. “What?”

“See for yourself,” Huo Jingtang said coldly as he stared into Huo Yunshen’s face.

Without a word, Huo Yunshen picked up the entertainment newspaper and took a quick look. It turned out to be scandalous news about him and Xu Xiyan when they were at Kai Yue’r Hotel.

He threw the newspaper b

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