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Because of the sudden arrival of Ma Yindong, she had returned to a state of alienation and coldness, as if nothing in the world could affect her.

The calmer Xiao Yuqian seemed, the more entangled Ma Haodong felt in his heart.

From the moment he saw Xiao Yuqian, his mind was in a turmoil.

After Xu Xiyan introduced the two of them to each other, Wan Dou happily stood up and greeted Ma Haodong. There was no interaction at all between Xiao Yuqian and Ma Haodong.

The two of them remained frozen, and looked at each other in silence. Xiao Yuqian’s eyes were cold and distant.

If one looked carefully, they might have been able to detect a trace of hurt deep in her eyes.

Ma Haodong’s gaze was extremely complicated and apologetic at the same time. At this point, he was a little less cynical, and he became serious and deep on the whole.

Especially when he was facing Xiao Yuqian, he seemed a little at a loss.

Xu Xiyan was puzzled and couldn’t help but try to break the cold air.

“Qianqian, Haodong, do you know each other?”

Xiao Yuqian: “No.”

Ma Haodong: “Yes”

The two of them almost spoke in unison, but they gave two different answers,

“…” Xu Xiyan had a strong instinct that the two of them must have known each other in the past. Not only did they know each other, but they might have been rather close.

The atmosphere became even more awkward.

In order to ease the tension, Xu Xiyan smilied and said, “Fate brought us together as friends. Come, let’s eat! Help yourselves!”

Xiao Yuqian no longer spoke, as if the humorous and funny person from moments ago was someone else entirely. She also did not eat anything, and just drank the red wine in her glass, one glass after another.

Ma Haodong became very silent too, and began to drink.

During dinner, Xiao Yuqian excused herself to go to the washroom, stood up and left the private room. Moments later, Ma Haodong lost his cool and excused himself to the washroom, too.

After they left, Wan Dou curiously asked, “Jing Xi, do you know what’s going on between them? Miss Xiao has not spoken a word since Xiao Ma came.”

“I have no idea.”

Xu Xiyan sighed silently; she, too, wanted to know what was going on between them.

What had happened between them?

Why had the relationship between two old friends turned so awkward?

In the washroom, Xiao Yuqian washed her face with some cold water. Leaning on the sink with both hands, she looked at herself in the mirror.

She was uncertain when, but she suddenly noticed that Ma Haodong’s face had appeared in the mirror, and he looked at her unwaveringly with so much to say on the tip of his tongue.

After Xiao Yuqian discovered Ma Haodong, her heart was slightly shocked, but she calmed down quickly. After a cold glance, she stood up straight.

She took some paper towel from beside the sink and wiped her hands. She threw away the used paper, turned and walk away.

However, the very next m

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