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“I don’t really know about your scandal. Why don’t you ask your company to set up a PR campaign or something? What good does making a fuss here do for you?”

Xu Xinrou did not take responsibility for what had happened and continued to act innocent.

“Fine, keep acting innocent,” Xu Xiyan said. “You’ll ultimately find yourself in a tough spot if you keep on doing all these things. The fans will notice your true nature one day!”

“Hey, stop insulting Xinrou!” Wen Li shouted.

How loyal she is! Xu Xiyan laughed in her heart.

“Why don’t you go and ask Ma Haodong to help you? Or maybe that sugar daddy? If all else fails, why not ask your managing company? Just stop harassing Xinrou! Oh, wait! You don’t have a manager, do you? Your contract is signed directly with the crew! How could I even forget that? That means you don’t belong to any entertainment company, am I right?”

Wen Li kept on insulting Xu Xiyan. She was implying that Xu Xiyan did not have a company to back her up.

So what if you have a sugar daddy?

You are still in big trouble!

“And who told you I don’t belong to an entertainment company?” asked Xu Xiyan. “I just signed a contract with Jingyue Entertainment!”

“Jingyue Entertainment? Who are they?” asked Wen Li. She used to work as a manager and had never heard of the company.

Zhao Ruiqi quickly opened her phone and searched for Jingyue Entertainment, but came back empty-handed.

“There’s nothing about Jingyue Entertainment on the internet! Did she just sign a contract with a bogus company?”

Everyone who heard Zhao Ruiqi burst out in laughter. They were laughing at Xu Xiyan for signing with an unknown company.

They began to wonder if Xu Xiyan made up that company as a cover-up.

Xu Xiyan could feel that she was being mocked and alienated by others.

She had nothing to fight back with, since Jingyue Entertainment was just a small company made up of three people: a boss, a receptionist, and an actress.

She finally understood why Huang Guoqiang had warned her not to fight with the strong as it would only bring her harm.

“Jing Xi, go and take a shower and come back,” Linda said, trying to help Xu Xiyan out of the situation. “I’ll help you put on your makeup after that.”

“Thank you,” Xu Xiyan said and left.

Xu Xinrou and Wen Li laughed in their eyes. Let her shower, even if she can wash away the eggs, she still won’t be able to get herself out of these scandals!

Qi Liya had heard everything from the studio next door and gritted her teeth.

Most of the time, she couldn’t care less for other people. But Xu Xinrou had gone too far this time.

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