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“Ah! I’m so grateful to have such a good brother in my life. What more could I ask for?”

Huo Yunshen: “…”

Suddenly he had an impulse to move into outer space and get away from Huo Sanyan.

It must be God who had bestowed upon him this good-for-nothing sister to ruin his life.

Huo Sanyan flew over to the dining room and began to gobble up the food.

It was as if a tornado had spun over the dining room table. Only a single plate of fried mushroom with vegetables was spared. She didn’t like that dish, so she hadn’t touched it.

After she’d finished eating and drinking, Huo Sanyan rubbed her tummy and said, “Wow brother, I didn’t know that the food from Tong Fu House had gotten so much better than before. They must have a new chef. It’s really delicious! It’s so tasty that I couldn’t stop eating! I must give them 36 likes later.”

“Now that you’re done eating, you can get lost!” Huo Yunshen was at his limits. If he hadn’t been crippled, he would have literally kicked her out.

Huo Sanyan picked up her bag from the sofa, changed her shoes and opened the door. “Okay! I’m leaving! Take care of yourself. Next time you order from Tong Fu House, remember to call me!”

“Get lost! Don’t come again!” Huo Yunshen said, visibly upset.

His meaning was hopelessly lost on Huo Sanyan. Cheerfully she said, “You have such a great sense of humor, bro. Okay, I’ll bring Mr. Tang along for a drink next time, too!”


Is she deaf?!

“No thanks!”

Huo Sanyan was starting to drive him mad. He flung his slipper at her but it slammed into the door as she slipped away.

After Huo Sanyan had left, Xu Xiyan came out from behind the wine cabinet. She picked up the slipper at the doorway and walked back to Huo Yunshen, helping to put it back on his foot.

Huo Yunshen jerked up his head and saw her. He felt embarrassed. “Jing Xi, you’re still here?”

He thought that Xu Xiyan would’ve quietly left while Huo Sanyan was eating, but she had not. “If I leave, what would you eat tonight?” she asked.

Xu Xiyan pushed Huo Yunshen back to the dining room. She sighed as she saw the aftermath on the table. “Your sister is really a glutton.”

“She’s worse than a glutton, she’s a greedy pig!”

Huo Yunshen felt like changing his sister’s name. Her nickname should not be “Three Eyes” anymore; she should be called “Three Mouths.”

“Hahaha…” Xu Xiyan burst into laughter. When she’d finished laughing, she realized Huo Yunshen had been looking at her with guilt. “What’s wrong, Mr. Huo?”

Huo Yunshen apologized, “I’m sorry, Jing Xi. I’ve been very selfish. I’ve been thinking of myself and not of you. If you can openly introduce me to your best friend, then I should openly introduce you to my sister. At least, in case she comes back, you don’t have to hide anymore.”

After listening to him blaming himself, Xu Xiyan felt that he did not need to apologize like this.

She turned and half knelt in front of him, looking strai

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