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Xu Xiyan lowered her arms and her gaze was met by a pair of angry eyes. Her heart skipped a beat as she noticed who they belonged to.

It was Huo Yunshen.

Huo Yunshen was the one who had taken the splash for her.

Most of the coffee had splashed onto his suit, while Xu Xiyan remained dry.

Yi Xiao took care of the girls that were causing the commotion. Huo Yunshen closed the umbrella and handed Xu Xiyan a handkerchief. “Sorry I’m late, Jing Xi.”

Huo Yunshen felt a little guilty that he hadn’t been able to rush to her in time because of his legs.

He was hurt deeply when he saw how others were treating her.

“Mr. Huo…” Xu Xiyan was about to cry when she saw that his face was filled with guilt. She would have never thought that he would appear in front of her at a time like this.

You aren’t late or anything, it was very touching for you to be here at all…

“Come on, let’s get into my RV,” Huo Yunshen said as he turned his wheelchair and wheeled towards the luxurious RV parked not far from them. Xu Xiyan followed him.

When they’d entered, Huo Yunshen handed her a bag filled with clean clothes and said, “Go get a shower.”

Xu Xiyan was already shocked by his sudden appearance, and now he’d even prepared clothes for her. “Mr. Huo, how did you know I would be splashed today?”

“I didn’t. All I know is that it’s best to be prepared for anything,” Huo Yunshen said. The clothes were there in case anything happened.

“Thank you,” Xu Xiyan thanked him from the bottom of her heart and found her way to the shower room.

Ma Haodong was sipping on his cold drink on the set of “The Root of Evil” while everyone thanked him for their drinks. He’d already guessed that it was Xu Xiyan who had bought them the drinks in his name.

That girl…

She really hates owing other people, huh?

Ma Haodong finished his drink and went to the interview where different reporters kept asking questions about him and Xu Xiyan.

“Mr. Ma, please explain the scandal that surfaced yesterday.”

“Mr. Ma, are you in a relationship with a girl named Jing Xi?”

“Mr. Ma, can you tell us how you and Jing Xi met?”

“Mr. Ma, are you trying to increase the popularity of ‘The Root of Evil’ with this scandal?”

Ma Haodong kept his gentle smile in the face of all the reporters.

“Thank you for all of your concerns, I’ll explain everything. Jing Xi and I aren’t in a relationship. We’re really good friends, that’s all. As for why I carried her, it was because she got hurt when she was shooting a film.”

One of the reporters thought that Ma Haodong was trying to hide his relationship and asked, “Can you give us the details about that day? Everyone knows that you’re shooting for the ‘The Root of Evil’ while she’s shooting for the ‘Red Sleeved Beauty.’ How is it that you were near her set when everything happened?”

“I was there visiting her,” Ma Haodong explained.

“Isn’t that too unconvincing? You’re one of th

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